VokunSunvaar Hjerim player home by AyameLibertine
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Added: 03/12/2012 - 10:18AM
Updated: 04/12/2012 - 04:46AM

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Last updated at 4:46, 4 Dec 2012 Uploaded at 10:18, 3 Dec 2012

Have you ever wanted to get Hjerim without having to go through the Stormcloak or empire questlines just to get it? Just aren't getting the quest to get the house? Have the house and wishing that creepy alter table wasn't in the hidden room? well this mod does just that. I've taken Hjerim and renamed it Vokun'Sunvaar, I've conviently placed it near Whiterun, and I've removed the blood, fog, cobwebs, and that creepy alter in the hidden room. I've put a smelter, the skyforge, and a smithing wheel into the hidden room instead. Right outside of it I've place a tanningrack, workbench, and anvil. I've taken all the conflicting objects out such as if you cheated to get Hjerim you'd see the bed and chair in your player bed, well that's not there. I've also put the enchanting table and alchemy table in the bedroom.

I've made it so the followers can now enter the house. A slight problem is that upstairs they tend to act like they're stuck, it took me abit to get my follower to get into the bedrooms and then back downstairs but if you leave the house it's no problem cause they're right by your side again.
When you first walk into Vokun'Sunvaar, the search for clues thing will pop up. after that it won't pop up anymore.

If anyone wants to try and help me fix these bugs, feel free. This is my first mod. I don't claim to be a pro cause obviously I'm not.