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Added: 03/12/2012 - 09:08AM
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Last updated at 4:52, 6 Dec 2012 Uploaded at 9:08, 3 Dec 2012

Updates More Hair Colors by Evil4Zerggin to be compatible with the newest version of Skyrim. This fixes the issues with vampires and horse combat associated with r5. I also resorted the FormIDs of the colors to be displayed in order by hue then saturation. Additionally, a lot of the changes contained herein are made to be compatible with the Unofficial Patches.

"Adds 42 natural and 20 dyed hair colors to the game. Will probably not work with other race modification mods, even those that don't affect hair color.

The natural colors come in 7 hues: 2 reddish, 3 blondish, and 2 brownish. Each hue has 6 brightnesses. The dyed colors are red, yellow, green, teal, blue, and magenta; each of these has 3 brightnesses. There are also a white and black."

Example (credit: droarc):

You do not need the original to use this update.
There are two versions, one for the vanilla game and one that is compatible with Dawnguard, make sure you get the right version.

Manual Installation:
Extract the plugin from the download into your \Skyrim\Data\ directory and activate it.

Due to the change in FormIDs this file may not be compatible with character saves that used the previous versions.
I recommend the following procedure for anyone moving from the old version to the new version who wants to (hopefully) avoid problems from the aforementioned FormID change:
1. Grab ShowRaceMenu Alternative and use it to change to one of the vanilla hair colors (they're all the way on the left).
2. Save and exit Skyrim.
3. Deactivate the old mod and then open Wrye Bash (or deactivate it in Bash, whatever).
4. On the Saves tab of Bash, click on the save you just made and then right click in the bottom right pane. Select "Yes" to the popup warning. Unselect the old plugin and choose to save (make sure you make a backup if it asks, if it doesn't ask it will make one on it's own).
5. Activate the new plugin.
6. Use ShowRaceMenu Alternative again to choose your hair color.

Q: What is this mod compatible with?
A: This mod is compatible with any other mod that does not change the default races.

Q: Why use this mod over alternatives that offer more options?
A: Adding a large number of hair colors and tint masks to the game greatly increases load stutter. If you're using a mod that does this already, and you have noticeable load stutter when actors pop in to view, either try installing a version of said mod with less options or try out this mod.

All credit goes to Evil4Zerggin.
Also, all the people behind the Unofficial Patches and the TES5Edit team.
Apachii for the hairstyle used in the title image.