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If you're interested, please track the mod! Updates will be frequent!

Ambient Menu? Summarize. - This mod replaces the menu/UI sounds with smoother ambient jingles and clips. So yes, in case you were wondering, many sounds have nothing to do with a "menu".

So will you be replacing in-game sound effects too then? - No. Stuff like footsteps, monster noises, etc will not be replaced. These are simply the "meta game" stuff like leveling up for example, or clicking a button, opening a menu, etc.

Why? - While I really like the audio work in Skyrim, I do get tired of the loud war-themed sound effects on occasion. On top of that, for whatever reason I really don't enjoy the use of chanting in soundtracks for fantasy (it's overdone for me personally, I know there are others that like it and that's cool) so I figured I may as well throw something together that more fits my tastes. Aside from all of that, though, this is just something I've simply wanted to do because I love working with audio.

So what's the theme? - As opposed to trying to string together some consistent theme (aside from being ambient/lush sounding in nature), I am focusing on simply making each sound work specifically for its trigger. This is a good thing, in my eyes, as it allows me to really get down to the emotion I can convey when something happens. Some may find these sounds somewhat "improve" the feeling of certain events (such as skill upgrades, quest completion, etc.)

I don't like these sounds! THEY SUCK! - That's fine, this sort of thing isn't for everyone. I think those who are really into the very hard-hitting sounds that Skyrim uses probably won't enjoy this mod.

What do you use to make these so-called noises? - Anything and everything! I'm an experimental ambient musician, so the audio could've been produced with something as straightforward as synth patch to something as ridiculous as me playing the flute and then mucking about with the recording for an hour.

What's a "WIP Release"? Why are they so frequent? - Basically any release that comes before every sound I want to replace is replaced. They are frequent because they are easy to release frequently and it's nice to stay active with people who like the mod.

Will you also be putting this on Steam? - I don't know, yeah probably I guess. I've never bothered to look into how to port mods not made with the Creation Kit to the Workshop, maybe it's really simple, but that's why Swearing Mudcrabs was never put on Steam either. Yeah maybe I should do that.

Other bits of info:

-My current plan is to post a "progress" video with every single release along with a direct link to the corresponding download below it on this page.

-I think I had something else to say but I forget. Whatever, I'll remember it later or something.

All sounds synthesized and/or recorded by Andy Lajeunesse

Due to the nature of this mod, please note that I'm maintaining an "All Rights Reserved" stance on the content, in the same way I treat my music. If you have any inquiries about ANYTHING, please don't be afraid to contact me directly. I won't bite.

Yes it took me over a year to start working on this, shut up.