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Spell - Brilliance
by Magistrate


I was unsatisfied by the vanilla Candlelight spell as it was, the duration was too short, the light too cold and the radius too small plus I grown sick of having to cast candlelight every minute while at the same time fending off bandits while overencumbered by a wagon of loot so I checked the Nexus for a solution and I found plenty, problem is none of them really fit what I wanted exactly, so I fired up the editor and made myself this very easy mod, which I thought I would share.

This mod adds two new spells: Brilliance I and Brilliance II, the vanilla Candlelight was not modified. Stats as follow:

Base Duration:
1 minute (Vanilla) -> 3 minutes (Brilliance I/II)
Base Radius:
450 (Vanilla) -> 700/900* (Brilliance I/II)
Light Color:
Cold (Vanilla) -> Warm (Brilliance I/II)
Base Cost: 21 (Vanilla) -> 70 (Brilliance I/II)

Initial release.
Added Candlelight Replacer Option
Added Alternate Radius 700 Version of both spells.
Unified files in the download section.
Added a new spell, reorganized the old Brilliance, two different spells available now:
Brilliance I: Radius 700, excellent for Interiors and Dungeons, good for exteriors.
Brilliance II: Radius 950, excellent for exteriors, not advised for interiors (too bright).

Just download the "Brilliance.7z" and choose the version(s) you want to run.

- You can install both "Spell Brilliance" and "Spell Alt. Candlelight.esp" or just one of them, but choose only one version of each you choose.
- Put "Spell Brilliance.esp" in your DATA folder.
- If you want the Candlelight replacer, choose one version of "Spell Alt. Candlelight.esp" and put it in your DATA folder

To get "Brilliance" added to your spell book fire up the console and type:
help brilliance
Then use:
player.addspell [ID#]
you have to use the command twice to add both versions (Brilliance I and Brilliance II) to your spellbook.

Remove "Spell Brilliance.esp" and/or "Spell Alt. Candlelight.esp" from your DATA folder.

- "Spell Alt. Candlelight.esp" is compatible with everything that doesn't modify core values of the vanilla Candlelight.

- "Spell Brilliance" is compatible with almost everything since it doesn't modify vanilla assets.

- If you are using "Sustained Spells" ( be sure to install the "Spell Alt. Candlelight.esp" and load it before "Sustained Spells"; this way the two mod will work together nicely as reported by a user; otherwise if you use "Spell Brilliance" it won't benefit from the "Sustained Spells" script since the original mod doesn't cover my small mod.

- This mod has been cleaned with TES5Edit.

I run my game with "Realistic Lighting 3.5" which features darker nights and even darker dungeons (an unintended feature which is going to be correct in the upcoming "Realistic Ligthing 4.0", take that into consideration while looking at the screenshots, meaning unless you are using RL too you may get more lighting than I do with Brilliance.

You are permitted to use these files in your mod as long as you send me a message to ask for permission and you credit me for use of my files.

Spell - Brilliance
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