Smelt all Dwemer Artifacts into Dwarven Metal Ingots by MasterOfPuppies
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Added: 02/12/2012 - 04:02PM
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Dwarven Metal Ingots are produced from smelting down Dwemer Artifacts you find in their ruins or loot from automatons. However, you can not use every piece of Dwemer junk, but only a few specific pieces like the Bent Dwemer Scrap Metal. But normal Dwemer Scrap Metal won't work. Where's the logic in that?

This mod adds several smelting recipes for producing Dwarven Metal Ingots that require:
- Dwemer Scrap Metal
- Dwemer Lever and Small Dwemer Lever
- Dwemer Gear
- Dwemer Gyro
- Dwemer Kitchenware (cups, bowls, dishes, pans, forks, knifes, spoons, plates)
No more guessing or looking up which items you can smelt down, just grab every piece of Dwemer junk you find.

I tried to find a balace between convenient crafting and logic, e. g. you cannot create one ingot from a single spoon.
I also did not make Dwarven weapons an armor smeltable, as well as Centurion Dynamo Cores and Dwemer cogs (they are required for a quest and insanely heavy).
And I thought about adjusting the weight of the Dwemer junk to make it more balanced and logical, but I didn't.

Let me know your opinion on these things.