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Last updated at 12:24, 28 Dec 2013 Uploaded at 0:03, 2 Dec 2012

This mod adds long manicured & polished female Nails to your game, fitted for use on the
standard (vanilla)-hands.

Version 1.1 now for download.
The Nails are now also visible in 1st-person-view!

The mage-nails can be obtained in 6 different colors, can be found on different locations in
Skyrim, and their enchantment will give you an increased magical skill.
Your female character can equip them like any other accessory or armor.
Fitted for use on the standard (vanilla)-hands, they can be worn to all vanilla- and many modded outfits, i.e. most UNP.

In my opinion these nails are lore-friendly.
Women in ancient times who grew their nails to extraordinary length were seen to have a special social standing in the society.
For example, Egyptian women used to decorate their hands with artificial nails made out of
ivory, bone or gold.
( )

And ... imo a real witch should have long nails ! ;)

I'm aware, that this mod might be not everyone's cup of tea, and i'm ok with that.
So, If you do not like these nails, then please leave without a comment, as i'm not interested in opinions or critics.


French & Black: High Gate Ruins
> west of Dawnstar, east of Solitude, and north of Ustengrav.
(inside, besides the wordwall)

Blue & Gold: Ironbind Barrow
> southeast of Dawnstar and southwest of Winterhold on the road from Whiterun to Windhelm
(inside, besides the wordwall)

Green & Red: Shriekwind Bastion
> northeast of Falkreath and west of Pinewatch
(inside, besides the wordwall)

I recommend to install manually, don't use NMM.
Well, you only need the ability of copy & paste :)

It is important to use EXACTLY the same folder-structures as they are given in the mod-packs!
Any little mistake in paths or a misspelled foldernames will result in a non-working mod!

NOTE: If a required folder already exists, copy the new contents into it.
If a required folder does not exist, you need to create it.

Unzip and extract the "HN66MageNails.rar" to any temporary folder.

Copy the contents into the designated folders, exactly the way you find them given in the mod-

>> the esp <<\HN66mage4vanilla.esp

>> the meshes <<\meshes\Armor\HN66\HN66_VAN_MAGE_NAILS\HN66mage4vanillaBLACK_0.nif
(do so with all meshes of that specific folder)

>> the textures <<\textures\Armor\HN66\HN66_VAN_MAGE_NAILS\
(do so with all textures of that specific folder)


Activate the esp in your launcher.


1. Delete the folders associated with the mod.

As the Nails are fitted for the vanilla-hands, you will get some clipping on CBBE-hands.

You can find me on the Nexus as Humannature66.
if u need technical help with this, use the thread or contact me via pm;

Credits & Thanx
The nails are made from scratch, so just this:

Jen, 2pac4eva7 & XunAmarox for "Blender NIF Import - Export Tutorial".

Bethesda for creating Skyrim;



Tools Used
NIFSkope -
Blender -
DXTBmp -
Photofiltre -
Gimp -

NO reuploads on other sites without my permission!
Nothing of this stuff is resource material and may NOT resubmitted without my written consent!
This includes, but is not limited to derivatives!

greetz Humannature66