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ICICLE VALLEY is a town in the eastern mountains of Skyrim, due east of Ft. Greenwall. Locations are generally contained within unique world spaces such as Icicle Valley, Ostrefjell, Frostbite Gorge, Th'gyrion, and the Red Road. Check the README for info on quests, updates, troubleshooting, spells, spoilers, and known conflicts.

LORD OF ICICLE VALLEY: There are several quests and adventures in this mod, but taking the castle and earning the title of Lord of Icicle Valley will open up more possibilities. As lord you may sell vacant houses, find ways to finance your city and expand your realm.

LEVEL: Extreme at times. Tools provided in the standard game such as potions, stealth and Slow Time are quite useful.

TOWNSFOLK: There are quest-givers and rich merchants. Most trainers and potential followers now have quest requirements before offering services.

VOICES: Quests are generally voiced, but most townsfolk and enemies use generic Skyrim voices.

HOME PURCHASE: Not ready to take the castle just yet? Valley View is a player-home with upgrade options, located just inside the front gate up the stairs to the right. Read the brochure on the table for more info on how to purchase and furnish this home.

SPECIAL ITEMS: To balance rewards with the challenges presented, some of the weapon and armor enchantments are quite powerful. Individual players love or hate OP items, but you may use, sell or leave them. I just bake the cookies, don't complain if they aren't the type you like.

SPELLS: The 30 or so custom spells placed throughout the mod were meant to be fun, but also give the School of Spellcasting a unique flavor. Many were inspired by those found in Morrowind (the game). They are available but you are not forced to learn them.

IMPORTANT: The README file has a lot of information about updates, troubleshooting info, etc. Also, I recommend using a mod manager if you are going to install the loose files version; BSA version if you want to manually install.

THANKS to OldBook, Michael Butchin, Pandanami and little Luna for the additional voices. And thank you commenters for the fresh perspective.

BE AWARE: Our ideas on immersion, lore and normalcy probably aren't the same. Avoid complaining when you dislike things you get for free.

For more hardcore adventure check out OL' ARROW KNEE and MT. PERIL too.

COMPATIBILITY: P.C.S. users use version 35 or greater.

COMPLAINTS: I am happy to share my mods with you for free, but if you thought about complaining to me because my mods don't provide you with the precise brand of pleasure you expected, think again. Be thankful for free mods, free music, free video, free porn, free email. I realize that the wealth of free things on the Net can bring about a kind of delusional expectation and greed, but just remember that manners apply everywhere and modders do this as a service; we are not servants. Constructive criticism deals with the sharing of ideas on how to improve something. Negative or positive, it is offered with manners; never opposition. Think about it.

PERMISSIONS: This mod was provided by the author as a free service. This mod is only available on NexusMods and the author does not give permission to upload this mod on any other website(s). Those wishing to translate my mod must:
1. Ask my permission directly and receive my agreement.
2. Give credit where credit is due. For better or worse, this is MY mod.
3. Even translated, this mod is mine and you may not charge money for its use.