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ICICLE VALLEY is a small town in the eastern mountains of Skyrim, due east of Ft. Greenwall. The lord of Icicle Valley has become unusually reclusive and quite terrifying of late. He no longer cares about the needs of his people and many of his household staff have met an untimely end. Icicle Valley is ripe for the taking -- IF you can take it.

LEVEL: "Extreme". Icicle Valley is a town surrounded by conflict. The quests and dungeons will lead your character into serious...serious peril. Save your game often, and prepare to die.

CASTLE: Once you have taken the castle and had a look around, you will be able to upgrade the living quarters inside the grand hall and even expand them if you like. Some quests and certain sections of the castle cannot be accessed without becoming Lord of Icicle Valley. Furthermore, the castle is not a "dungeon" it is the home and property of the Lord of Icicle Valley. All loot items (except on corpses) will be marked in red until you become lord.

SPECIAL ITEMS: To make enemies more challenging, and quests more rewarding, some of the weapon and armor enchantments are quite powerful. I think it's better to make prizes you can choose not to use if you think they are over-powered, than to just add in more gear that you can get anywhere in Skyrim.

SPELLS: Head Mistress Cxynrn at the School of Spellcasting has some very potent spells. "Bound Greatsword", "Obliterate", "Hellfire", "Hoarfrost" "Tame", "Miracle Sprint", "Spectral Arrow Extreme" are some of the spells available. "Chaos Cloak" and "Oblivion Comet" aren't very lore-friendly...but neither am I! Several conjuring spells are available, some can be bought, but the really fun one is somewhere in the Dwemer ruin, Th'gyrion. Icicle Ale isn't a spell, but it's so strong that it has been known to help drinkers see better at night!

MERCHANTS: Icicle Valley has an apothecary, a blacksmith, an inn, a small magic school and a castle. Merchants have a LOT of coin to buy your items.

PERFORMANCE: This mod contains many npc in battles, sometimes doing magic, and can slow down performance. Also, for SOME players, large amounts of clutter in houses can cause CTD when exiting. If this is the case, try adding this line to your Skyrim.ini file under "General" --> iLargeIntRefCount=999999 .

QUEST VOICES: It is recommended to install the .SEQ file in your SKYRIM/DATA/SEQ folder. Make that folder if it doesn't already exist.

CONFLICTS: Dragonborn DLC added the "Last Vigil" map marker where I placed the Watchtower. SPOILER: This quest affects level 80 or higher players.

INSTALLATION: All folders contained within the download MUST be installed for the mod to work properly. Simply drop the files from the .zip file into your SKYRIM/DATA folder, click "yes" to merge folders, etc. Only the .SEQ file, should go in the Data/SEQ folder as previously stated.

THANKS! Thanks for trying out my mod. Modding takes a ton of time, and my payment is your entertainment. Do click "Endorse" if you found the mod worth playing.

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BE AWARE: This mod may not jibe with your ideals on lore, immersion, or normalcy.