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ICICLE VALLEY is a small town in the eastern mountains of Skyrim, due east of Ft. Greenwall. The lord of Icicle Valley has become unusually reclusive and quite terrifying of late. He no longer cares about the needs of his people and many of his household staff have met an untimely end. Icicle Valley is ripe for the taking -- if you can take it.

README! I make a lot of use of the README to give info on quests, updates, troubleshooting, spells, spoilers, and known conflicts.

LEVEL: "Very hard". Icicle Valley is a town surrounded by conflict. The quests and dungeons will lead your character into serious...serious peril. Save your game often, and prepare to die. The standard game has many tools that allow you to become very powerful, invisible, and even slow time. Take full advantage of your gifts and battles won't be nearly as tough. Hacking and slashing your way through won't likely work.

HOME PURCHASE: You don't have to be a lord to live here. Valley View is up for sale, and has many furnishing options. Visit the house once and read the potential buyer notice for details.

CASTLE: Once you have taken the castle and had a look around, you will be able to upgrade the living quarters inside the grand hall and even expand them if you like. Some quests and certain sections of the castle cannot be accessed without becoming Lord of Icicle Valley. Furthermore, the castle is not a "dungeon" it is the home and property of the Lord of Icicle Valley. All loot items (except on corpses) will be marked in red until you become lord.

SPECIAL ITEMS: To make enemies more challenging and balance rewards with challenges presented, some of the weapon and armor enchantments are quite powerful. Use, sell or leave them. Just because there are cookies in the cookie jar doesn't mean that you have to eat them all. I just bake the cookies, don't complain if you get.

SPELLS: There are at present around 30 custom spells. Head Mistress Cxynrn at the School of Spellcasting has many of them, others can be found throughout the mod. Some you may like, others you may not. They are available but it doesn't mean that you're forced to use or even learn them. Follow the rule of fudge: If you don't like fudge, don't eat fudge. If you tried a spell but you don't need/want it, use the tips in README to learn how to remove it with the console.

RESIDENTS: There are trainers, rich merchants, potential followers, and some people who just need your help.

INSTALLATION: I recommend NMM. This mod contains a lot of little pieces. For manual installation, I'd use the .bsa version.

UPDATES: I make an update when I am either inspired, or learn to do something I always meant to do...just like George Lucas (cough).

THANKS! Thanks for trying out my mod. If you endorsed, thank you twice as much.

BE AWARE: Our ideas on immersion, lore and normalcy probably aren't the same. Avoid complaining when you dislike things you get for free.

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