Reaper Of Souls Scythe by Loshirai14
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Ownership: Loshirai14
User ID: 4958627
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Requires Skyrim 1.6.89 or higher

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First of all, this was intended for my personal use, but since someone requested to upload, then here it is :D

RECOMMENDED TEXTURE REPLACER: Daedric Armor and Weapon Improvement

Adds a Daedric Scythe named "Reaper Of Souls Scythe" which is craftable on daedric category of any forge and is enchantable

NOT upgradeable (already too powerful)

It is a powerful weapon and will require expensive materials to craft
Crafting Recipe:
- 10 Daedra Heart
- 300 leather Strips
- 10 Ebony Ingots
- 10 Fire Salts

First of all, this uses the original textures of skyrim, so you can download whatever texture replacer you like

- download main file
- extract files with winRAR
- copy all the files you extracted then paste it in your data folder
- open your SkyrimLauncher or whatever mod manager you are using
- activate the mod
- start skyrim and have fun