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Added: 30/11/2012 - 04:36PM
Updated: 30/11/2012 - 04:59PM

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Okay i'm very new to modding but i'm working on a cuple right now.

anyway back to topic. this was one of my first mod's, it gives you 25 lockpicks each iron bar, but i'm going to change that the higer smithing lvl you are the more you get from a bar.

lvl 1-15 = 5 lockpicks each bar
lvl 15-30 = 10 lockpicks each bar
lvl 30-50 = 15 lockpicks each bar
lvl 50-75 = 20 lockpicks each bar
lvl 75-95 = 25 lockpicks each bar
lvl 95-100 = 30 lockpicks each bar

but now it only gives you 25 whatever lvl you are in.

want a mod? go ahead request it. not too hard tho i'm new :P
it says the author is "Seaturtle5" well thats me

Install it in the data files by just dropping it in.