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Now with messages for every skill!


Remember how Oblivion always gave you an interesting message when you reached level 25, 50, 75, and 100 in each skill? Well, now Skyrim does too!
Whenever you reach a new rank (Apprentice, Adept, Expert, and Master respectively) in any skill, you will be presented with a custom (and hopefully entertaining) message. If it's a magic skill or the lockpicking skill, you'll also get the associated perk for free (unless you're using the LITE version). This saves you wasting perk points on those perks like "Apprentice Destruction" that only halve the required Magicka for spells of that rank - unlike Oblivion, where you actually needed the required rank in order to cast the spell. An extra special reward is also presented to those dedicated players that reach 100 (Master rank) in all five magic schools.

And don't worry, this mod is retro-active - if you're already level 87 or something, you will automatically receive all appropriate messages the next time you level up that skill. If you're already level 100 (and thus can't level up again), you can simply type into the console the following two lines:
>> player.setav [skill] 99
>> player.incpcs [skill]
(Without the >> at the beginning, and replacing [skill] with your chosen skill. Note that Archery is actually "Marksman" and Speech is actually "Speechcraft" in the console.)
This will advance you to level 100 in [skill] and you'll receive all the messages.


Simple. I'm sure you've done it before. Just copy the contents of the folder into Skyrim's Data folder, and select the mod in the launcher the next time you play the game.
Alternatively, you could just install it with Nexus Mod Manager.

Other Notes

- SkyUI 3.0 or later is highly recommended - this mod includes an MCM configuration menu (though it's more of a rank-viewing menu). The mod will function without it, but you won't be able to change to the LITE version without using the console. The console command to do so is "set JulesRankPerksUseLITE to 1" to enable LITE mode or "to 0" to disable it. But you won't need to know that unless you're crazy enough to play Skyrim without SkyUI.
- See how many references you can find to other franchises! References include The Secret of Monkey Island, A Game of Thrones, Monty Python, TES IV: Oblivion, The Witcher 2, Robin Hood, Ghost in the Shell, Iron Man, Assassin’s Creed, and Conan the Barbarian.
- This now adds a decent amount of text to the game (over 3,000 words), so if you find any spelling or grammatical errors in any of the messages, please let me know! I strive to have perfect English on everything that appears in-game, because it really breaks immersion for me if it's not.
- On the subject of grammatical errors... Though I am a proud advocate of British English, I know that Skyrim is made in America and uses American English. And I wanted my mod to fit into the vanilla game as seamlessly as possible, so against my personal inclination I have opted to use American English for this mod. So let me know if I slipped up anywhere.

Version History

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Thanks to MrINBN for contributing to the Master Smithing message, and nvsblmnc for a Two-handed message.
And also thanks to the kind people of the forums who helped out with the initial script.
The title is generated by (which is, in turn, powered by GIMP).

Compatibility Notes

- SkyRe (Skyrim Redone) - I do not use SkyRe myself, but I am told that my mod is mostly compatible with it. You'll receive Lockpicking messages for Wayfarer, Pickpocket messages for Fingersmith, and One/Two-handed messages for Light/Heavy Weaponry. The Lockpicking perk rewards won't be granted (because they no longer exist), but all the magic ones will.
- Official Skyrim patch 1.9 - with the new ability to make skills "Legendary", you will find that you will not receive messages for leveling Legendary skills unless you haven't received that message before. A future update is planned to display a generic "mastery" message (but unique to each skill) for each subsequent 100, but since this requires the writing of 18 new messages designed to stand the test of time, don't hold your breath for it.

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