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Added: 26/11/2012 - 03:43PM
Updated: 15/12/2012 - 02:15AM

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Last updated at 2:15, 15 Dec 2012 Uploaded at 15:43, 26 Nov 2012

This mod originally was only intended for personal use but I decided that someone may be looking for a mod like this.

The idea for this mod was plenty of "show off" space for armor and weapons while tending less to the cluttered feel of other houses. This is my first mod so there is more than likely going to be a few problems here and there, if you feel like reporting them I will do my best to fix them.

The door is in between Breezehome and Warmaiden

Key Features :
26 Mannequins
~78 Weapon Racks
14 Weapon/Shield Plaque
9 Dagger Cases
4, 4 shelf bookcases
All Crafting Workplaces
Dragon Priest Shrine

All weapon racks, plaques, and mannequins should work properly.

If you are having frame rate issues when all Mannequins are loaded doing a quicksave (F5) then a quickload (F9) this seems to fix the problem most of the time.
If that doesn't work you can hit the tilde key aka open the command console (~) type pcb (which stands for Purge cell buffer) then hit enter. This will free up used memory, loading all 26 Mannequins at once can take a bit of memory.

If you are having troubles keeping the mannequins in place, equip a necklace to force them to move back into the correct spot. You may or may not have to do this every time you load the cell. This is due to how Bethesda coded the mannequins.

Version 1.7
- Fixed Dragon Priest Alters respawning masks.

Version 1.6b
- Fixed a NavMesh error that was preventing Followers from leaving

Version 1.6
- Fixed NavMesh to allow Followers to Enter
- Forge now acts as a Skyforge

Version 1.5c
- Fixed bookshelf boundaries to prevent the big books from being "squished"
Note, it may still happen if you have to many big books next to each other
- Removed pillar in weapon room

Version 1.5b
- Fixed main hall alignment

Version 1.5
- Fixed Bookshelves
- Adjusted Weapon/Shield plaques a bit
- Added an additional 2, 4 shelf bookcases

Version 1.4
- Added 9 dagger display cases
- Added 2 additional weapon/shield plaques
- Added 9 Barrels, a chest, and an open chest in crafting room
- Added 2 Shelves with a strongbox in bedroom
- Added 2, 4 Shelf bookcases in bedroom
- Added Banners
- Moved weapon/shield plaques up a little
- Removed a few sections of the walkway

Version 1.3
- Swapped out a respawning satchel with a non-repawning one.

Version 1.2
- Tweaked NavMesh to be more friendly with Mannequins, hopefully reducing the amount of moving/floating

Version 1.1
- Moved the door into Whiterun, between Breezehome and Warmaiden
- Added some Optimization

Version 1.0
- Release