Temptress of Flame - CBBE_UNP_CBBE Slim_UNP Skinny by Loshirai14
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Added: 26/11/2012 - 07:04AM
Updated: 11/11/2013 - 06:14PM

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Ownership: Loshirai14
User ID: 4958627
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Requires Skyrim 1.6.89 or higher

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first of all, 100% SkyRe Compatible

adds 8 Rings to the world of Skyrim, 2 (horned and hornless) for each body type (CBBE Curvy, CBBE Slim, UNP Main, UNP Skinny)

wearing one of the rings will hide the appearance whatever armor you are wearing and replaces that appearance with the Temptress of Flame Outfit

- Jewelry Section of any forge

- 3 Fire Salts, 15 Iron Ingots

For khajiit, Argonian and any Custom Race Users

If you are having problems with body, hands or feet not matching the head,

just equip-unequip-equip until it matches up
(may take up to 3 tries)

First of all, this uses the original textures of skyrim, so you can download whatever texture replacer you like
- download main file
- extract files with winRAR
- copy all the files you extracted then paste it in your data folder
- open your SkyrimLauncher or whatever mod manager you are using
- activate the mod
- start skyrim and have fun