CBBE Cleric Armour Upgrade Ebony v1_36 by Sharda and FallenJudge
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Added: 05/12/2011 - 04:49PM
Updated: 05/07/2012 - 08:57PM

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Last updated at 20:57, 5 Jul 2012 Uploaded at 16:49, 5 Dec 2011

Female Ebony Armour Replacement
Caliente Body BBE edition!
-Links that deserve Credit-
-Original Cleric Armour-

-Orriginal CBBE Nocturnal-

-Cleric Armour Ebony-

-Nocturnal Textures-

-Craftable Cleric-
Wolf Replacement. (Does not require mainfile, but does require CBBE)
This is fully compatible with Ebony replacement.
You can have Ebony 1 color, Wolf another, no problem.

Wolf Cleric Addon
Gloves, Boots are added for the Wolf Replacement.
AND Male armour (colorized) versions added to the Wolf Armor.
Requires Wolf Armour Replacement.
-Beta Test-
Required for this is.
CBBE v0.2
Wolf Replacement.
and CBBE Cleric Armour Upgrade (Any color will do)
-Update Notes-
V1.3 Cleaner textures. but most important of all Far LESS Clipping. thanks to FallenJudge.
V1.31 Wolf Armour Replacement, texture path Fix
V1.36 Now works fully with CBBEv0.2 and perserved all clipping fixes
To get Wolf Armour the Easy way.
Player.additem 000CAE15 1

To get full Ebony Armour the Easy way.
Player.additem 13960 1
Player.additem 13961 1
Player.additem 13962 1
Player.additem 13963 1
Daedra Priestess Armour.
Forum post
-Known Issues-
Have Been Fixed!!! Thanks to FallenJudge