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Last updated at 19:05, 28 Jul 2014 Uploaded at 5:10, 21 Nov 2012

UPDATE I fixed it I hope:-) DO NOT OVERWRITE the other mod with this one they are slightly different now! Use one or the other ONLY!

Fixed it again for hearthfire this time adding kids dining table loc ref type to the kitchen dining table so adopted kids will move in now.

This is the basement version of my other breezehome mod seen here:

I added many basic things that a lot of people want fixed like lydia's bed properly arranged so she can actually use it. Fixed the navmesh around her bed so she will actually use it too. Got rid of the fire pit and replaced it with a fireplace in the kitchen. Better arranged the living room furniture so there is more room to do something there and get from the front door to the ladder easier. Fixed the ladder so nobody gets stuck at the top. Added a safe in the main bedroom, added better lighting throughout the house and increased radius of main lights. All storage in the house is SAFE no respawn storage that includes the barrels behind the ladder and the sacks under the beds upstairs which by default would respawn after a while. One exception though is the alchemy satchel on the alchemy lab it respawns ingredients just like default didn't change that.

There is a guest bedroom just outside the main bedroom, I made better use of that empty space just above the front door by expanding the main bedroom over it and put the guest bedroom in front of the main bedroom. The doors to the main bedroom are still there but there are no doors on the guest bedroom, would be annoying to have to open two sets of doors just to get in and out of there.

There are buckets in the upstairs rooms! Now if you don't know what those buckets are for you haven't thought about it enough yet and they don't have anything to do with going on someone head. They are the middle ages version of something that every home has today!

I made this mod because I could not find any breezehome mods that did the things this mod does. Every other mod has a smelter in the basement and a forge and fifty rooms etc. I just wanted something simple that looked slightly better and more practical.

This mod is compatible with HEARTHFIRE DLC! Just download the HEARTHFIRE VERSION from the downloads section.

Finally upgraded this mod for HF and it has scripting support too which allows the alchemy lab to stay but instead swaps out the guest room upstairs for child room. Even the text in the buy menu for the house shows the changes. The home decorating guide has been updated as well to reflect the changes for the mod.

Install this mod with nexus mod manager or do manual installation by copying the folders and .esp files to your data folder. There are scripts for this mod to work right, they are for the basement and armory and HF. Check the screenshots you will see the basement and armory on the list of buyable upgrades for the house. I scripted the mod correctly but the price for the basement and the armory doesn't show only their listings. The guest room cost 200 gold, the basement costs 300 gold and the armory costs 1000 gold. There is a lot of stuff in the armory so it cost a lot:-)

About the armory...

I wanted to keep it simple but make it seem like an armory so there are resources in there like ingots and leather strips, mannequins and weapon racks and shield racks and some basic furniture only. I wanted the storage chest in the armory to look more like a big treasure chest and there are two more chests on top of the two bookshelves behind the door. I rotated the weapon racks near the main chest so that bows would be properly displayed. The other racks near the mannequins can be used for other weapons that don't need particular rotation kinda like the player house in riften. The banners well, it seemed logical that an armory would have banners. I wanted to put some generic colored banners in there but all the defaults were full of holes and looked bad. Whiterun is kind of the good guy house anyway, beat the dragon get the big reward blah blah so this goes along better with that.

About the basement...

The basement is a good place to use follower mods that let followers live at your house. There are now two unused unowned beds in the house, one by the player bedroom called the guest room and one in the basement. The child room has two beds crammed in there! there is enough room for the player to walk between them so a child should fit through there and be able to get in a bed.

When loading from a save game you made AFTER getting breezehome, first go clear out your stuff from breezehome BEFORE loading this mod. That means everything in the home that you added in there. Then load the mod and load your save game. If you saved inside the home, go find the housecarl and get them to follow you downstairs, then tell them to go home and quickly go outside.

Then go outside if your save was inside the home then open the console and type this: resetinterior whiterunbreezehome and press enter. Then close the console and press the t key and and press enter. After that go in the home and everything should be where it is supposed to be. Don't take lydia with you when you exit the home just leave her in there she will need to be in there for the reset command to work properly.

You need to be running v1.9 of skyrim, old v1.8 or older saves really bug out with this mod.

Here are the xmarker codes for anyone that needs them.

Start markers: disable these.

BasementStart: 03008f9f

ArmoryStart: 0300954d

Decorate markers: enable these.

DecorateBasement: 03008a3a

DecorateArmory: 0300954c


I have used tes5edit to REMOVE the dialogue and housepurchase stuff from my mod then added them back in with the CK correctly AND this time, avoided messing with HF scripts at all. So when you are buying the house and you buy the kids stuff, also buy the "remove guest room for kids" and "arrange alchemy lab" options. Doing this will disable the guest room xmarker and re enable the alchemy lab xmarker since my mod allows both to fit in the house at the same time. This is more of a manual way around the HF scripts. Each of those things cost only 50 gold. When you convert back to a non child house again be sure to buy the guest room again.

BEFORE buying the child stuff and fixes be sure to empty your stuff from the alchemy lab area and guest room area including stuff you had sitting on the furniture in those areas.

guest room start xmarker disable this: 03016839

guest room decorate marker enable this: 030137bb

or child room decorate marker enable this: 03004274

Find any bugs? Post them in the comments section so I can fix them:-)