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Field Alchemy
Version 2.2.1
Author: MrJack

This mod is for the alchemists out there who would like to practice alchemy at any time during their travels.
Now you can create potions and poisons at any time as long as you have your trustworthy mortar and pestle with you.

This mod can be configured with SkyUI's Mod Configuration Menu.

Those who don't want to be forced to use SKSE can use version 2.0.0.

Skyrim ( or later)
SKSE (1.6.16 or later)

SkyUI 4.1 or later for MCM
Hearthfire for Alembic recipe

Should be compatible with any mods.

--Change log--
- Rebuilt the penalty system
- Added a recipe for crafting an alembic at forges and anvils, if Hearthfire is detected
- Various bug fixes

- New approach to fix an issue when using the mortar and pestle while in the air
- Added a customizable hotkey to quickly use the mortar and pestle without opening the inventory
- Added a recipe for crafting a mortar and pestle at forges and anvils
- Updated the mesh for the mortar and pestle to be the same as the one that is used at the alchemy workbenches
- Removed the need to manually exit the inventory screen when using the mortar and pestle
- Removed the message stating "This item cannot be equipped", which applies when trying to equip any misc items
- Removed the alembic and the related penalty system
- Removed translation support and simplified MCM menu significantly due to lack of received translations

- Recompiled MCM menu script with SkyUI 3.0 SDK.

- Updated and recompiled the MCM menu script with SkyUI 3.0 beta 3 SDK. If you changed any settings in previous versions, then make sure to check the menu as the settings may have been reset.
- Added translation support and a Spanish translation to the MCM menu. All other languages will use the English translation until I get more translations.
Here is the link to the Google Docs spreadsheet for translations:
If you contribute, then please leave your name in an empty cell in the appropriate language column, below the rows containing StringIDs.

- Added animations

- Rebuilt from scratch

- Initial release

--How to use--
i)Acquire a mortar and pestle by exploring Skyrim, crafting or buying one from a vendor specializing in alchemical ingredients and potions.
ii)Once you have a mortar and pestle, open your inventory.
iii)Go to the Misc category and click on the mortar and pestle.

Alternatively set up a hotkey via MCM.

--How to install--
Copy the Field Alchemy.esp and Field Alchemy.bsa files into "SkyrimData" and enable the ESP in the Skyrim launcher or your favorite mod manager.

--How to uninstall--
Remove the Field Alchemy.esp and Field Alchemy.bsa files from "SkyrimData".

Uninstalling this mod in the middle of a playthrough is not supported due to the nature of the game engine and save files.
This policy is in line with Bethesda's stance on uninstalling official DLC during a playthrough as well as the modding community's best practices.

Official thread on Bethesda forums

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