Floating Cabbage fix by bwins95
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Floating Cabbage fix

by bwins95

Version :1.1
Date :08/13/2012
Category :Patches
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I've made it so three floating cabbage plants are now part of the ground.
2 cabbage plants outside of Whiterun
1 Cabage plant outside of Loreius Farm
If you see any floating cabbage plants like in the pictures let me know and I'll fix it.


Added cabbage at Loreius Farm.
Changed name to Floating Cabbage fix.
Remade the mod to remove the moved farmhouse. the mod is now clean.
Initial upload.


Replace existing esp.

Known Issues and Bugs

No known issues or bugs. let me know if you find any.


No known conflicts. let me know if you find any.


PM me on the nexus

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Extract the esp and drop it in the Skyrim Data folder.

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Download it to the manager and check the box next to it.

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Delete esp.

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Disable the mod and delete from NMM.

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Their is no need for a walkthrough since it is a patch for skyrim.

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