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Alchemist Satchel

*SKSE required

: Please read :
If you're like me, you love to gather rediculous amounts of ingredients for alchemy, picking every blue mountain flower and tundra cotton you come across, to the point where half of your encumbrance is nothing but daedra hearts and deathbells.

What the Alchemist Satchel does is store all of your ingredients like a chest that you carry around in your inventory. It's somewhat of a cheat, but hey who cares, lets just say its magic. But thats not all, the magics that bind the satchel together won't allow any non-ingredient item to be stored inside, so instead of doing the boring ol' "you cant put that in here" routine, the satchel magically transmutates any item into a random ingredient! So be careful and try not to put that enchanted legendary ebony greatsword of abysmal nomenclature in, because you might only get a saltpile for it.

This is currently in beta. I'm working on a Dawnguard version as well as tweaks to the item transmutation. I also plan to add in an auto-store feature that, when activated, will automatically store your ingredients whenever you have them in your inventory as well as taking them out whenever you activate an alchemy table.

: How to get it :
- There is a recipe at the tanning rack that requires 2 leather + 4 leatherstrips + 2 goldingots + 1 grand soulgem(filled)

: How to use it :
From your inventory click on the Satchel to open it. There are 3 options:
Open allows you to access the storage like you would a chest
Store All gathers up all of your ingredients and automatically stores them for you
Take All removes all of the ingredients from the satchel and adds them to your inventory

: Transmutation :
Currently, in order to transmutate ordinary objects like goblets or swords into ingredients, use the Open feature and add those items to the satchel like you would any other container. When they enter the satchel's inventory they are assigned a random ingredient to be changed into and replaced by the new ingredient, destroying the original object in the process. If you don't like this feature or don't want to use it, simply avoid putting items in the satchel that are not ingredients; This is purely for fun and gives you another excuse to be a total cleptomaniac when dungeon diving.

: Installation/Unistallation :
This mod does not change or overwrite anything nor should it conflict with any other mod

: NMM :
1. Click Download With Manager
2. Activate in NMM

: Manual :
1. Download manually
2. Extract archive to your skyrim folder
3. Click yes to merge folders
4. Activate .esp from your skyrim launcher

: Uninstall :
1. Make sure to remove all ingredients from the satchel BEFORE uninstalling, you will lose them if you don't.
2. For NNM, deactivate and delete the mod from the manager
3. For manual, delete the .esp and scripts. Simple as that.

*Currently working on a Dawnguard version. My CK for some reason really dislikes Dawnguard and will not allow me to access the .esm without crashing the whole thing. Until I get that sorted out the Store and Take functions will only work with vanilla Skyrim ingredients. However, the SKSE function GetType() will recognize the DG ingredients and will store properly (won't transmutate them into another ingredient) if you manually store them yourself.*