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Ishara's Normal Numbered Autosaves


I have a tendancy to get too involved in the game and forget important things like, well, saving the game. This becomes a problem when I am killed and have to repeat thirty minutes or more worth of efforts. While there are some mods out there that do similar functions, they lack the simplicity that I crave. So I made my own...

What it does

1. By default once every game hour an automatic "manual" save is created.
-- The command used is Game.RequestSave(). This command makes a save file that takes up its own slot just like any manual save that you make.

2. Scripted to not run during combat.
-- There is nothing worse than having died only to respawn right in the middle of the same fight and not having a chance to re-think your strategies. So it just won't happen during combat and by extension no need to worry about any issues related to kill moves (as mentioned in one of the other similar mods)

3. Will not start till after getting your hands freed in Helgen Keep or after the quest MQ101 is completely finished.
-- I saw no need to have auto saves made during the opening scenes when you can't do anything.

4. Bethesda built in safety nets:
-- The command does not process during dialog or during work station usage, there may be other similar events.

5. Displays in game date & time whenever the script makes its checks to see if it can save or not. This does two things: Allows you to know that the script is functioning; Gives vampire players a clock of sorts to give them an idea of how much night is left.
-- Note: the displayed date is one day off from what is shown in the tab menu & wait menu. However the time is accurate. 7-18-0201 on the display shows as 19th Last Seed in the tab & wait menus.


1. Download and install using NMM or manual. If manual extract to your Skyrim directory (data folder included in archive)
2. Ensure the mod is active with whatever load manager you use.


1. Manually save your game & exit.
2. Uninstall the mod with NMM or manually remove the esp & bsa file from the data directory
3. Reload your save from step one, say yes to warning about missing content, manually save game again. Then do whatever you want.

Additional Information

Why I chose to use game time instead of real time...
No particular reason, I just felt that using game time made better sense.

How does game time equate to real time...
Without going into details
1 game hour @ timescale 20 = 3 minutes of real time.
1 game hour @ timescale 5 = 12 minutes of real time.

For the Papyrus Log readers...

The only time this mod should ever show an error is the initial load up after deactiving the mod. There should be no error report in any log before or after that.
There will be an increase in the number of saving game reports. If this is problematic for you, then you may discontinue using the default autosave/quicksave features.
Updating mid game to 1.3 will cause a harmless error to appear regarding a missing variable

Other similar mods in no particular order

Skyrim Timed AutoSave Helper - STASH by PhxAs5As5in
Full Autosave by finalfrog
Configurable Auto-Saver by MojoDaJojo
Auto-save and time by kuertee

How to adjust rate of saves

For version 1.3
1. Open console in game
2. Type set abimtimebetweensaves to X.XX -- where X.XX is a float value such that 1.0 = 1 game hour.
3. The new value will be used after the next save is made.

For versions 1.2 and older
1. Deactivate mod & make a new save.
2. Download & extract the Loose Script Data file into your Data directory
3. Load the plugin up in the Creation Kit
4. In Object window select All in the bottom left pane & type abim in the filter
5. There will be two entries a quest & a keyword, double left click on the quest entry
6. Press quest alias tab and double left click on the only entry
7. Locate the script section, select the script & press the properties button
8. Highlight the float property TimeBetweenSaves and change the value as you see fit
1 = 1 game hour
9. Ok out of all open windows -- may have to put cursor in the name field & press enter if the OK button is inaccessible on the alias window.
10. Save the plugin
11. Reactivate the mod & enjoy your modified autosave time frame.

Users of Alternate Start type of mods

Pertains to v1.1
If autosaves are not being created, enter the following in the console
set abim_fullsavetoggle to 1
Setting this variable will trick the main workhorse script into believing that the Unbound quest (MQ101) is at stage 240 or has been completed (stage 1000). However the initiation script will still be looking for those quest stages and as a result you will get the initilization string displayed when one of those stages is finally true.

Change Log

Please click the version number at the top of the page.
Updating to 1.1
Updating from 1.0 to 1.2 -- See link above for upating to 1.1
Updating from 1.1 to 1.2 -- Extract & overwrite or say Yes to NMM's request to upgrade.
Updating from any to 1.3 -- New game is advised if you wish to avoid a single harmless papyrus variable warning. Otherwise, treat as 1.2 in regards to earlier versions and simply replace 1.2