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I would like to apologise to all of you because I have to put this mod on hold till the summer. I have my exam's this year and they are really important. If anybody else wants to continue it let me know. I should have waited to start the mod but I thought I could have had the basic mod eg the npcs/exteriors/interiors done.Sorry

This is Dragonthorn Keep, a MASSIVE palace which replaces Drelas Cottage in the mountains it was built with human architecture over a ancient dwemer outpost which the nobles have taken for themselves. As merchants began to move in the city of Dovaheim began to take shape. It became the home of the newly founded Circle of Mages and the companions also have a base here. People were also attracted to the great pine tree, an unusually large pine tree said to have been planted over the final resting place of one of Tiber Septim's( Talos) dearest friends and greatest general/advisor.The keep itself is massive ant the basements are still being explored as they are expansive and full of traps. The keep just got richer as more people moved in and worked the extensively fertile ground with two smaller towns growing nearby giving the area the status of Hold and the owner of the keep the title of Jarl.

Dragonthorn Keep Interior:
Noble Quarters
Elite Guard Quarters
Jarl Quarters
Servants Quarters
Display Hall
Dark Brotherhood Sanctuary
Meeting Room

Mages Tower:
Entrance Hall (Done)
Main Hall (Done)
Clasrooms (Done)
Library (Done)
Mage Quarters (Done)
Templar Quarters (Done)

Main Hall
Soldier Quarters
Officer Quarters
Training Room

General Merchant (Done)
Blacksmith (Done)
BarTavern (Done)
Mannor (Done)
Houses Some Done
Other Merchants

General Merchant
Mine (Done)

General Merchant

Please suggest ANYTHING you want can't promise anything but I will try to include as much as possible

Known Bugs:None

Please let me know if you find any bugs

Incompatible Mods:None

Let me know if you find any incompatible mods

Update History:

-Walls to protect the keep
-A very long highway to reach it from the closest road(Just floating bridges at the moment will put in supporting rock in the next update)
-A farm with all food plants, several chickens, a couple of cows, a few goats, a unique horse(almost indestructable) and a grain mill.
-Mage Courtyard with most plants and mushrooms in it.
-Exterior of the mage tower
-Guard Barracks with dummies targets and a drill area
-The exterior of the keep itself

-Replaces Highway
-Fixes Map Marker
-Mages tower Entrance Hall
-Mage tower Templar quarters(shell)
-Mage tower Main Hall (Inccludes Bard)
-Mage Tower Classrooms X2 (Has a master trainer for each School of Magic who will sell tomes for their related subject)

-Completed Mages tower
-Added many NPCs to the tower
-Added Templars to watch over the mages
-Many Mage and Templar Followers

-Added town exterior
-Added a few interiors for the Dewmer District

-Added 2 new town exteriors
-Added guards to Tundrastead
-Added Longhouse Interior in Tundrastead
-Added Governor of Tundrastead
-Added Court Wizard
-Added Advisor
-Added Guard Captain
-Added mine to Morhurst

Thanks to xxxNEOxxx for allowing the use of his armor at this link:

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