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Adds Crusaders, Knights Templar, Knights Hospitaller, Teutonic Knights, Knights of Antioch, Knights of Agatha and Mason Order Vanguard Armors based on Chivalry - Medieval Warfare

= Installation
- Download v1.7 and extract the .ZIP or .RAR archive with Winrar, 7zip or any similar tool of your choice
- Open the folder you just extracted and copy the MESHES, TEXTURES folders and .ESP file over to your Skyrim Data folder in
(:Program FilesSteamsteamappscommonskyrimdata)
(:Program FilesThe Elder Scrolls V SkyrimData)
- Activate the ESP with either the game's default launcher or using Nexus Mod Manager

= Features
= Armors
- Crusader Armor
- Knights Templar Armor
- Templar Sergeant Armor
- Knights Hospitaller Armor
- Teutonic Knights Armor
- Knight of Antioch Armor
- Divine Crusader Armor (Oblivion Style)
- Knight of Agatha Vanguard Armor (Chivalry: Medieval Warfare Style)
- Mason Order Vanguard Armor (Chivalry: Medieval Warfare Style)

= Weapons
- Longsword
- Greatsword

= Stats
- Heavy armor has stats similar to Dragonplate Armor
- Light armor has stats similar to Dragonscale Armor
- Longsword has stats similar to Dragonbone Sword
- Greatsword has stats similar to Dragonbone Greatsword

- Male and Female versions
- Works for all vanilla playable races
- Craftable and Upgradable under Steel section with Dragon Smithing perk
- 3 Spells that allow you to summon a Templar, Hospitaller or Teutonic Knight

= Location
- Armors and Weapon can be crafted in a Forge
- Spells can be bought from Phinis Gestor in the Collage of Winterhold

= Requirements
- v1.4 and newer versions of this mod Requires Dawnguard DLC
- Latest game update

= Notes
- If you crash upon game start up, make sure you have the requirements
- If the armors are invisible in-game, make sure you pasted the meshes and textures in the correct location
- The new version of the "Optional Imperial Legion Replacer" no longer replaces the actual imperial armor but modifies "imperial outfit lists" so Imperial Soldiers will be wearing Templar Armors but the Default Imperial Armors will still be wearable and will remain unchanged, some Imperial NPCs like Legate Rikke, General Tulius and etc. might still be wearing their old armors, this can be easily fixed by opening the console and click on the NPC then type resurrect, if you don't like doing this then just use the "OLD Optional Imperial Legion Replacer", if your using the OLD imperial replacer then you'll also need to have the main file's ESP activated
- The Replacers are somewhat buggy so if its still bugging even after doing the above steps then the only other option is to not use them
- If your Shields are invisible and your character is a Vampire then make sure you installed the latest version of this mod

= Change Log
- v1 initial release
- v1.1 Added 2 New Armors, Knights Hospitallers and Teutonic Knights Armors and improved the gauntlets and boots textures
- v1.2 Added a Longsword and Optional Teutonic Knight Armor Texture
- v1.3 New Chainmail model for Light Armors and new Lord Captain's style Helmet model for Teutonic Knights
- v1.4 Added a Greatsword, Dawnguard Style Templar Helmet, Optional Imperial Legion Replacer and Fixed Templar Legs Texture
- v1.5 Added Principality of Antioch, Oblivion Style Crusader, Knights of Agatha and Mason Order Vanguard Armors, fixed Argonian helmet bug, fixed Imperial Legion replacer helmet bug
- v1.6 Update ESP, fixes a bug that makes shields invisible when used by Vampire races
- v1.7 Adds the following armors, Templar Sergeant Armor, Crusader Armor, Divine Crusader Helmet, Adds Heavy versions of Mason and Agatha Vanguard Armors, Adds more Shield variations, Changed a few old designs and textures, Replaced the Female Light Armor Mesh with a better one made by zzjay, Added new Light Gloves and Boots meshes and textures, Added new version of Imperial Legion Replacer, check Notes section for more details

= Possible Future Updates & Additions

- Heavy Armor by ActusReus
- Male Light Armor by L0rd0fWar
- Female Light Armor Mesh by zzjay
- Helmet by Dejawolf
- Shield by Wolf2
- Shield Converted to Skyrim by abakus
- Templar Shield Texture by maty743
- Swords by Moraelin
- Witcher 2 Meshes & Textures by CD Projekt RED

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=== SPOILERS ===
- If you want to get the Armors, Weapons and Spells for free just type "coc 1cellknightstemplar" in the console without the " (to bring up the console press ~)
- you will get teleported to a place and beside you is a magic barrel containing all the stuff
- then just type "coc whiterun" without the " again to get back home