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Added: 16/11/2012 - 04:01AM
Updated: 28/04/2015 - 12:17PM

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!!Looking for Scriptwriter, in need of assistance when it comes to improving the script and make the mod MCM friendly, if you are a scriptwriter and understand papayrus and MCM well and would like to help out of course! Please send me a PM. Let us make this mod even better!!

Extinguished Daytime Fires and Lights


1,5 Is Here!

- 2 New patches(can add more) so you can customize when the fires will go out. Right now the two patches are:
06:00-18:00 and 07:00-18:00. I have chosen the hour where it begins to darken and the hour where it's light enough for fires to burn out.
- A patch for USKP, the authors have mave made it possible to patch by marking the .esp as a fake master, so the rogue light outside whiterun is no more if you use this patch as well.

. Added a few extra lightsources to roads leading into and
out of bigger cities and villages.
- Have removed some fires from the script, to start with this
is just in the cold areas to make it more immersive and
realistic, I still have not decided if i will do the same to
other places.
*Areas that are mostly edited:
- Dawnstar
- Windhelm
- Winterhold
- Morthal
- High Hrothgar

Removed Lights(disabled if vanilla):

- From a few Dragons Lairs and wilderness without people
except from shrines.

- Small bugfixes like lights beeing far away from their lightsources. or
misplaced lights

Feel free to suggest other places to leave the fires burning, although rememeber my rule, only where men & mer are present, undead does not count.

Version 1.4:
- Added more lights leading into the cities and some smaller settelements.
- Fixed a few lights both vanilla and mine that for some reason had a record that forced them not to light landscape, this is annoying.(This does not fix skyrims dynamic shadow lights not working in exterior cells bug.)
- Working on a patch that will add lanterns to roads, this will be completely optional when it releases.

Known Issues:

None atm.

What is it about?

This mod adds more lanterns, Braziers and Torches around the land of skyrim, all these are scriptcontrolled and will change with the time of Day.
At night all lights will burn with the fire animation enabled, during day the fire will be disabled so in other words my mission is to make skyrim feel more realistic during day and night instead of fires burning bright 24/7.I also included the lightsources themselves in the script so fires and lights will go out at the same time.

The main version turns all lights off at 06.00 am and turns back on again at 08.00pm.
There are 3 different settings available for you to choose from
This mod only changes exterior lights, i have done so by hand in almost all of skyrim and i have one rules when i place lights and/or add them to the script:

If there are men or Mer present, there can be light, this to add realism.
Although i realize that i can have missed some places or made a bad descission on another you are welcome to give me feedback and i might consider changing it or adding lights if it’s missing.
I have played with this mod on since i started and i enjoi building on it as i go forward, so in other words, this mod is not something i packed up in a few days, this mod have been worked on for a long time, i already planned it before the creation kit released, but was unsure how to approach it to begin with. Hope you enjoi the immersion this mod can give as well!


Q. I see that you have a scripted mod, will this script persist if i remove the mod?
A. No, it will not persist after the removal of this mod.

Q. Why is'nt the mod on G.E.M.S anymore?
A. I got a message from the author last year that my mod was to similar to two other very popular ones (claralux and LoS) and that it would be removed from the list because of that. Personally i think it's also because the mod is'nt updated frequently enough.

Q. Why is'nt the mod on steam workshop?
A. Simple, because people there are ungrateful shitheads, so i have actually removed all my mods from the workshop. Nexus ftw.

Q. Why is'nt this mod more popular?
A. I have done what i can do without forsaking the main goal of this mod, why it is'nt popular i do not know, it could be that people do not understand what the mod does or they think it's to similar to claralux and lanterns of skyrim.

Q. Does it affect performance much?
A. No, I built this mod With performance in mind, i have barely placed extra lights, in fact i even
removed some for better immersion.

Q. Why are you trying to copy claralux/lanterns of skyrim?
A. I'm not, never even tried to, this mod was started long before any of them released, i offer a
different type of exterior lighting mod that turns not just the lighting off during day, but also the
flame animation will disable.

Q. Are you saying that your mod is better?
A. No, first of all i made this mod for myself, it was'nt before i had used it for many months i actually
decided to share it with the rest, my mod is not better in any way, just different.

Q. Ok, so the fires are turning themselves off, will you make guards who patrol light them With
animation for more realism?

A. Boy, i wish i could. The thing is, im a 3d modeler, not a scripter, but if anyone wants to
collaborate and have good scripting knowlegde i might consider trying to do exactly that, belive
me, i have though of this exact thing when i started using the script, but my interest in scripting is
not big and the few scripters i've asked either does'nt answer or is'nt interested.

My only concern when it comes to having extra scripted NPC's like this is that they will bug and ruin
the experience instead of become more immersive. If it would be implemented it would have to be
in addition to the Automatic system.

Many things can be the cause of mod failure i suggest looking at this link before you do anything else

Downloading BOSS and let it check load order for you, it will also detect dirty edits that is bad or specificly UTD's.

Using Tes5Edit to clean out mods is a good way of getting sorted, learn it, endorse it, enjoi your game.