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With this tutorial you can create black and white illustration.
For use as paintings, books, parchments ...
Example in my mod: Illustrated Panels Towns

You can find download the PSD file, the "normal map" and "meshe".


? Photoshop (used in the tutorial) or Gimp. With the Plugin "Nvidia texture tools" ? ? (is also available for Gimp)
? Fonts: ? ? (used in the tutorial) or other Fonts.
? The PSD file that you download to this page.
? A screenshot that you have chosen. Tip: To make a screenshot outdoor use Realistic Lighting: ? ?


=1= Work Screenshot
- Open your screenshot in Photoshop.
- Click "Image", "Mode", "Grayscale": Screen
- You should get this: Screen
- Click "Filter", "Brush Strokes", "Ink Outlines", set the settings to minimum (1,0,0) and click "OK": Screen
- Save your image in grayscale and close the window.
- Final result of the Screenshot:

=2= Texture and Screenshot
- Open the PSD file located on this page.
- Import the screenshot in grayscale. (“File”, “Import…”)
- Position the image way you want : Screen
- Right click on the layer and click "Layer Pixelate": Screen, Screen
- Scroll down the menu layer mode "normal" and choose "Linear Burn": Screen you should have this: Screen
- Then take the tool "Eraser" and delete unnecessary edges on the final image: Screen, Screen
- Click on "Image", "Adjust", "Brightness / Contrast": Screen
- Increase the brightness and decrease the contrast to get a good result: Screen
- Choose the tool "Type Tool" with Fonts and write the name of the building: Screen, Screen
- Final result:

=3= Create an alpha channel (use an alpha channel if you want a ripped effect)
- Click on "Channel" and "create layer": Screen, Screen
- Take the tool "Brush" with white color and move the brush around the image on the alpha channel: Screen
- Final result of Alpha channel:

=4= Save as .DDS
- To save, choose the format "DDS" to "DXT5 ARGB 8bpp interpolated alpha"

Sorry for my bad English! :/

Final results in game:

To add or change the path to a texture in NifSkope, follow this tutorial:

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