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I'll do a repack of all my races , watch for updates and wait
This mod add 4 new races to Skyrim

Highly recommended manual installation

Snow Elf:
Also known as Falmer. The indigenous people of Skyrim, before joining Nord Atmora continent. Most of the snow elves were extinct by the Nords, the other part was subjected to experiments Falmer Dwemer Rouken clan, resulting mutated. Only a few Falmer, remained there in good shape

Snow Power
Resistance to cold

Also known as sandmers. Sand elves, as well as the Dunmer have descended from the Chimer. According to legend, a group of Chimer explore ancient catacombs in Elsweyr because sandy storm trapped in the catacombs, but in the depths of the catacombs found sanctuary Daedra Clavicus Weill. He helped the band get Chimer, but they have changed and become sandmers.

Fire Magic
Resistance to Poison

Mysterious elves amphibians inhabiting the continent Pandoneya, were expelled from the continent Aldmerisa a punishment. Managed Ongmar immortal king and made several raids and military campaigns to Tamriel.

Resistance to poison and diseases
UnderWater Breathing

Night Elf:
Night Elves is a hybrid of the Dark Elves (Dunmer) and wood elf (Bosmer). Culture and way of behavior in the night elves were taken completely by Bosmer. Night elves are also excellent archers, and they prefer to live in the woods. Despite the fact that few men have seen the night elves, the people in their strict patriarchy.

Resistance to poison and disease

In optional folder you can find Nude Female Versions


Favored Soul
Better Females by Bella

Setup all files to your data folder

Delete esp and meshes/actors/character/sandmer , maormer . night elf , snowelf
textures/actors/character/sandmer , maormer . night elf , snowelf

NORBERT500 for help to create races
BellaGail for face textures