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"Bani Katana" is not an ordinary katana, with it's non standard blade curves. It's crafted only by an expert forger with skill enough to handle ebony. By applying their skills to steel (the weapons are under the steel category), it can be manipulated to create a strong but light weapon.

"Bani Katana" can be crafted to have a blade of type I or type II and light or black color.

There are 5 install options:
ISDBaniKatanaALL -- contains all variations of the weapon, including the 2h version
ISDBaniKatanaLIGHT1H -- contains 1 handed "Bani Katana" with light blade
ISDBaniKatanaLIGHT2H -- contains 2 handed "Bani Katana" with light blade
ISDBaniKatanaBLACK2H -- contains 1 handed "Bani Katana" with black blade
ISDBaniKatanaBLACK2H -- contains 2 handed "Bani Katana" with black blade

To install drop the files from the "Data" folder of the mod into your Skyrim "Data" folder. Next, activate the mod in the Skyrim launcher in the "Data Files" section.
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