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... never bring a sword to a gunfight.

This is a sequel to my Musket Mod Alpha, it's standalone and Dawnguard is required. I don't support old / pirated / "non-steam" versions.
This mod needs the newest/actual version of the game (atm: 1.8) , otherwise it won't work / items will be invisible or not available at all.

- authentic flintlock rifle,blunderbuss and grenade launcher, animated and rigid
- ammo with different dmg values to balance your gamestyle and supplies
- three different bayonets (short, long, sword) for the flintlock rifle
- new location with new models and items (light version optional)
- custom sounds and new effects for each weapon type
- craftable, enchantable, upgradeable, follower friendly
- optional Ammo Addon with 15 new bullet types

Changes in 1.3 (aka "Any problem on Earth can be solved with the careful application of high explosives"):
- adds a Grenade Launcher with new model/textures/sound (best at medium range)
- animated or rigid,grenades with different dmg values to fit your "sense of balance"
- Flintlock Rifle: new muzzleflash effect, reduced bullet gravity for long ranged shots
- overhauled Flintlock Rifle ammo (15dmg with bag, 10/20/30dmg without bag)
- added chance to stagger/disarm your target to rifle balls


Adds 15 new types of bullets for the Flintlock Rifle to the game (see screenshot gallery), optional file.

Copy meshes + textures & GHOSU - Project Flintlock - Ammo Addon.esp to your Skyrimdata directory.
The folder-structure should look like:
... SkyrimdatameshesGHOSU - PFLAMMO ALL NIF FILES
... SkyrimdatatexturesGHOSU - PFLAMMO ALL DDS FILES
... SkyrimdataGHOSU - Project Flintlock - Ammo Addon.esp

Copy meshes + textures + sound folder & GHOSU - Project Flintlock.esp to your Skyrimdata directory.
The folder-structure should look like:
... SkyrimdatameshesGHOSU - PFL ALL NIF FILES
... SkyrimdatatexturesGHOSU - PFL ALL DDS FILES
... SkyrimdatasoundfxGHOSU - PFL ALL WAV FILES
... Skyrimdatascripts ALL PEX FILES
... SkyrimdataGHOSU - Project Flintlock.esp

Make sure that the plugin is activated in launcher => DATA FILES (should be by default)

1) Travel to the new camp and search for loot. It's south of Whiterun (Outlander's Camp) - see map or console COC GHOSU_BASE to teleport there.
2) You can find everything in the forge menu, STEEL (items) and MISC (supplies).
3) Console, further information in screenshot gallery and video

Because of different viewpoints the effects might look a bit out of position in 3rdperson, more important: it looks good in 1stperson.
Flintlock Rifle: Bullet's impact is slightly above the crosshair since the 1stperson HUD is not accurate, the bullet's gravity is set to 0.
Blunderbuss: First shot rarely spawns a weird effect at impact - reequip the rifle or save/load...or shoot at an area you won't see, it's no big deal.

There is an animated version of the rifle, the animation looks not authentic BUT because of the game's modding limitations it's not possible to make a better one - though it feels good. I added a rigid version as well, just in case you don't like the animation. I think it's quite useable. Damage should scale with your skills/lvl, more dmg than crossbow but longer reload time. Like with the bow/crossbow you need archery perks to enhance the dmg.

You can use all ammo types in all rifles, though it might look weird since the effects are bound to the ammo - this is the recommended combination:

Flintlock Rifle
long distance,chance to stagger/disarm target
animated:normal,short bayonet,long bayonet,sword bayonet
rigid:normal,short bayonet,long bayonet,sword bayonet
1xRifle Ball (10dmg,visible bag), 3xRifle Ball (10/20/30dmg,invisible bag)

short/medium distance,chance to stagger/disarm/knockback target
animated,rigid version, 3xBlunderbuss Ammo (20/40/60dmg)

Grenade Launcher
medium distance,high gravity trajectory,area damage,knocks back target/player
animated,rigid version, 5xGrenade (25/50/75/100/150dmg)

Please endorse if you like the mod and watch the video to get an idea about the whole thing, i explain how to adjust values (like dmg,speed,volume...)

Thanks to my beta tester and AcidZebra for scripting support.

Armor Mods used in my videos & screenshots:

New weapons, matching Auriel's Bow:


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