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Added: 09/11/2012 - 05:12PM
Updated: 15/12/2012 - 11:56AM

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»»» What does this mod do? «««

> Improved performance.
» Skips Bethesda intro sequence

> Improved gameplay.
» NPCs will greet you less repeatedly. This fix is a must if you want to prevent Serana from spamming you 24/7.
» Followers will react faster and move further away when bumped
» Better dialogue controls v1.2:
» Better messagebox controls v1.1:

> Improved audio.
» Replaced intro music with Malukah's v1.1 Louder:
» Replaced injured horse sound effects:
» Replaced idle troll sound effects

> Unique mounts and followers are now essential and their level cap has been removed.
» College: Brelyna Maryon, J'zargo, Onmund.
» Companions: Aela, Athis, Farkas, Njada, Ria, Torvar, Vilkas.
» Housecarls: Argis, Calder, Iona, Jordis, Lydia.
» Dawnguard: Agmaer, Beleval, Celann, Durak, Ingjard, Serana.
» Mercenaries: Belrand, Jenassa, Marcurio, Stenvar, Vorstag.
» Quest: Erik, Faendal, Sven.
» Horses: Frost, Shadowmere.
» Hounds: Bran, CuSith, Garmr, Sceolang.

> Improved lore, realism and balance.
» Travelling on foot was about as fast as travelling on horse. Horses are faster now.
? Arvak, Frost, Shadowmere.
» Battleaxes were as fast as Greatswords. Greatswords are now faster.
? Ancient Nord, Daedric, Dragonbone, Dwarven, Ebony, Elven, Glass, Honed Ancient Nord, Iron, Orcish, Steel, Skyforge Steel.
» Smithing skill can be increased at the smelter and at the tanning rack.
» Blessings last much longer. Worshiping a shrine now provides a blessing for a fortnight instead of just 8 hours.
» Why can't you wear circlets with other headgear? The Aetherial Crown may now be equiped with other headgear and is invisible to prevent clipping.

»»» What else does this mod aim to do? «««
(I accept suggestions and assistance)

> Replace vanilla font. It's horrible. It's ugly and non fantasy-friendly. It's even called Futura!
» Candidates (all have clipping issues, I need a font that is exactly the same size has vanilla): Centaur; Fhaarkas; Georgia; Kingthings Petrock; Magic Cards; Morpheus.

> Dummies improve combat skills.

> Mining improves smithing.

> Consider changing perk skill tree:
» Unify light armor and heavy armor constellations.
» Unify one-handed and two handed constellations.
» Integrate unnarmed/dual wield constellation.
» Speechcraft will also improve Shouts.
» Alchemy will also affect cooking/food.
» Add Druidism constellation to perk skill tree:
? Trapper perk allows you to set traps.
? Animals and spriggans are no longer aggressive and will assist the Dragonborn in fights, just like villager NPCs.
? Dragonlore perk coats your weapons with a strong debilitating poison for dragons. It allows you to weaken dragons and prevent them from flying. It also allows you to bring down dragons from the air, stunning them from the crash.

> Realistic needs system similar to this: