Levitate - A Morrowind Spell for Skyrim -Eng-Rus- by Daiyus
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NOW AVAILABLE IN RUSSIAN. Thanks to Forestecho for their work. It can be found in the "Optional" section of Downloads.

This mod adds a Levitate Spell to the world of Skyrim. It works exactly as it did in Morrowind, so clipping is still in place, you won't be able to fly through objects. Simply cast and walk into the air. There are two variations:

Morrowind Edition:
This is a simple fire and forget spell, just like in Morrowind. It's an Expert Level Alteration Spell. I chose this due to other mods adding in Spells such as Slowfall or Jump at the Adept Level. Levitating is the next level of that, so it goes one stage higher. It has a duration of 60 seconds. Pros of this version? It leaves both hands free so you can rain Arrows/Bolts down on your enemies whilst flying, and if you're powerful enough you can achieve infinite flight. The downsides, well, just like in Morrowind, if you forget to cast again before the effect wears off you will plummet to your (probable) death. As Skyrim has no onscreen effect timer it can be hard to judge when to recast the spell.

Skyrim Edition:
This version uses a Concentration type Spell, just like the basic Healing Spell you get at the beginning of the game. You'll be able to fly for as long as you hold the spell. Again, it's an Expert Level Alteration Spell. The benefit is you can see when you're going to run out of magic so you have complete control over your flight. The downside is that it takes a hand slot to cast, so you're limited to what you can do while in the air.

Both versions are identical apart from the spell type, but please use only one or the other. They will conflict with each other. You'll be able to find the Spell at Rannveig's Fast, an ancient Nordic tomb in the southern mountains of Hjaalmarch, or buy it from Tolfdir at the College of Winterhold (you'll need to be proficient enough to buy Expert Spells). Be aware that the force getting you off the ground can cause a "downdraft" and interfere with items near you.

All credit for this mod has to go to J3X, and his mod Flyable Broomstick ( Without his Scripting expertise, and his willingness to let others use his work, this mod would not exist. As such anyone is permitted to use the contents of this mod as they wish, as long as credit is given to him. It's the least I can do to continue his generosity to the community.

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All of these together will balance out the magic system, recreate nearly every spell missing from Skyrim that we saw in Morrowind/Oblivion, and create a Morrowind style travel network that makes it all more useful.

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