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Ownership: Loshirai14
User ID: 4958627
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Requires Dawnguard and Skyrim 1.6.89 or higher

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First of all, Special thanks to J3X, ghosu and RolandSir
without them, this mod will not be possible

Second, This requires Dawnguard

Version 8.0a Royal - Immersive Version
- Adds 6 Dwarven Guns to the world of Skyrim, each of the guns have their own sound effect
- 5 Guns are Automatic while 1 is Single Fire
- Muzzle Flash when using the original Ammo
- Adds 2 NPC, Riza and Eiri Blindhearth in Dragonsreach Whiterun
- Eiri now sells the guns and ammo, Riza is a Sniper Follower don't give Riza any automatic guns or she'll kill you, seriously
- Guns no longer craftable

Version 8.1a - Just 4 Fun Version
- Adds 6 Dwarven Guns to the world of Skyrim, Each of the guns have their own sound effect
- 5 Guns are Automatic while 1 is Single Fire
- Muzzle Flash when using the original Ammo
- Guns and Ammo are Craftable at any forge
- Guns are in Dwarven Category
- Ammo are in Steel Category
- No NPC

Gun List Below:

Version 8.1a
- Formerly known as Version 4.0a
- Changed version 4.0a --> 8.1a

Version 8.0a Royal:
- Fixed Quickshot Perk Bug, now speeds up Reloading
- Ammo Projectile now faster and has longer range
- Sniper Rifle no longer Disenchantable
- Fixed Weapon Description
- More Expensive Guns (35% to 65% more expensive than the previous version)

Version 7.1a Royal:
- Fixed Some Bugs

Version 7.0a Royal:
- More Stable Version
- Riza Blindhearth no longer a Merchant
- Added Eiri Blindhearth, the new Merchant

Version 6.0a Royal:
- Fixed Riza Blindhearth from Dragonsreach
- Changed her weapon into a Sniper Rifle to stop her from killing you

Version 5.0a Royal:
- Guns not Craftable and Upgradeable Anymore (Royal Version Only)
- Added NPC, Riza Blindhearth (Merchant/Follower)
- Sniper Rifle now has Mehrunes Razor Enchantment
- More Expensive Guns

Version 4.0a:
- Removed the Annoying Fireball Explosion sound when shooting

Version 3.0a:
- Fixed wrong spelling in weapon name (Guttling to Gattling)
- Double Barreled Gun now Automatic
- Sniper Rifle now has the highest Damage
- Muzzle Flash Effect when shooting

Version 2.0a:
- Added 4 new Guns
- Changed Assault Rifle Mesh
- Gattling Gun (Automatic)
- Sniper Rifle (Single Shot)
- Double Barreled Gun (Single Shot)
- Assault Rifle 2 (Automatic)

Version 1.0a:
- First Version Release
- Adds 2 new Guns in Skyrim
- Assault Rifle (Automatic)
- Sub-Machinegun (Automatic)
- Ammo

First of all, this mod is not dependent on any other mods
- download the latest version
- extract files with winRAR
- copy all the files you extracted then paste it in your data folder
- overwrite if asked
- open your SkyrimLauncher or whatever mod manager you are using
- activate the mod
- start skyrim and have fun

J3X - Special Thanks for letting me use scripts from his Automatic Crossbows Mod
ghosu - Special Thanks for letting me use meshes and effects from his Musket Mod
RolandSir - Special Thanks for completely fixing the QuickShot Perk Bug

to start with... i have been playing FPS (first person shooter) games for a while now and i noticed that my guns are a bit too thick compared to a real gun. i'm planning on making another 'Gun Mod' and i would now use more time on designing the guns... no more quick edits...

you can expect better guns with better designs and functions... might add scope function on the sniper rifle, and a magazine that works only for guns... more bullet choice.. and a battleship!! lol... might or might not add a battleship.. but i can really add one... >_<
but i still have no idea how to make it move... and it's a bit too large
i'm talking about modern battleship here.. not medieval ones..
i might need some help scripting those junk! :P

but i can promise you a better experience compared to this mod once i finished making the new one...
i might not add NPC on the new one because a lot of people are having problems with them.
oh well... see you guys!! might start making it on the next few months.. still need to find help
about some things regarding the development of the new mod..

planned guns:
> M4A1
> M16A4
> Scar-L
> CM901
> G36C
> ACR 6.8
> MK14
> Dragunov (my favorite) :P
> MP5
> UMP45
> P90
> MG36
> MK46

i might not make guns look exactly the same as the real ones.. :)
i will also try to give each guns their unique ammo that will only work on the gun the ammo was assigned

which means a dragunov can only use 'dragunov bullet'
will still research about bullets

oh... thanks for those who endorsed this mod!! :)