Real Night Eye and Night Eye Colours by Ichibu
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Realistic biological night vision (RealNightEye.esp) or various unrealistic colours (RealNightEyeRed.esp, RealNightEyeBlue.esp, RealNightEyeYellow.esp, RealNightEyeGreen.esp, RealNightEyeColorless.esp)
Use only one .esp at a time
Open Images page to see labels on images, to know what version you are seeing!

RealNightEye.esp is based on real life cat's vision which is short ranged, focused and extra sensitive to the blue end of the light spectrum. This is replicated/symbolised using DoF for shorter range, radial blur for predator's focus, then bloom, brightness and colouration to match known data regarding how cats see. All in attempt to create the most realistic night eye power as possible, while still remaining useful.

The others are the same thing but in unrealistic colors and brightness for those who want something a little more vibrant.

Real Night Eye Alternate is the same as the original preset RealNightEye except it was made to be functional - with it you can see well at day or night and you can see everything in dark or light. There is nothing you can't see with that one.

Check out Skyhighrim for easy night eye potions in red, purple and blue!


Unpack .rar contents to Data\


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