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This is my second mod. It is likely to contain bugs. Please report any you find via PM or on the comments page.

There are many summonable chest mods out there. Possibly hundreds. While I have always found portable storage very convenient, every chest mod I have found has been able to hold literally everything. This makes carry weight useless. This mod attempts to address that issue by providing a balanced "chest" (which is actually a modified Dwemer Spider, also known as Mechanical Luggage) which scales with the players Conjuration level, thus allowing carry weight to remain important while providing a handy storage mechanism.

The spell tome is available from everyone who sells all high level conjuration spells, and can also be found in a few other places around skyrim. If you want to cheat, the tome can be found in qasmoke on the table.

Once summoned, the luggage will last forever (technically, it will last 999 days), and can be dispelled by sneaking and selecting "Dispel". You can safely dispel and resummon the luggage without losing any items. While sneaking the configuration menu can also be accessed, which allows various options to be tweaked, as well as adding a spell which gives easier access to the config menu.

By default, the carry weight of the luggage is determined by your Conjuration skill multiplied by 1.5 (default; configurable). At Conjuration 15, the luggage will be able to hold 23lb (22.5 rounded up).

Please note that the luggage cannot attack.

Download and install with NMM. There should be no compatibility issues, however this mod adds to a levelled list. If you are using any other mods that add to the levelled lists of Conjuration mages, please use Wrye Bash to merge the lists.

Remove all items from the luggage, then remove the mod. Any items left on the luggage will be deleted.

Known Bugs
There is no "Talk - Luggage" or any kind of prompt to tell you when your mouse is over the luggage. I will try to find a fix for this.


-Initial Release

-Luggage no longer takes up a summon slot. You can have any other summons as normal, plus the luggage
-Luggage size can be configured in the menu
-Can now set the maximum number of luggage objects which can be summoned, using the options menu

-Added an alteration version of the spell called "Invoke Mechanical Luggage" which scales carry weight based on alteration instead of conjuration, for non-summoner players.
-Added an MCM configuration menu for use with SkyUI 3
-Added optional effect shader for luggage objects (and linked chests) to help distinguish between alteration and conjuration versions.
-Added Linked Chests to houses and faction headquarters.
--These can be turned on/off in the options.
--They use the same inventory as the luggage.
--Useful as synchronized storage between player houses.
--Linked Chests are not limited by carry weight the same way as the luggage is. Because they use the same inventory, it is possible to make the luggage carry more than its carry weight by placing items in linked home chests. This is intentional.
-Added opacity option for luggage objects.

Special thanks to Terry Pratchett for the idea of The Luggage which this is very (very) loosely based off.

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