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Hello, Diem here. This is a compilation of 4+ BAT files and one I.D.\cheat list.
Basically, this is for you who like to cheat or who beat the game and lost their stuff in a crash. We have all had that happen before.

GoodMagic: This adds some cool spells to your spell book and it makes your character had 9000 magicka. Winning

GoodDaggers: This adds two ebony daggers, daedric daggers, Keenings and Mehrunes Razors as well as the Assassin's Dagger perk.

GoodMasks: This adds all of the dragon priest masks but the main one which you get by equiping the wooden mask and putting all of the masks in the appropriate places.

GoodLocks: This gives you the Skeleton Key and all of the lockpicking perks. No more keys for the win

List o' Cheats: This has an ID list for those item I bothered to look up. That took forever. The is for a break in a book. I will make this into a book when the Creation Kit comes out or if I get into the mood I'll use TESsnip... This also contains a list of funny\good cheats at the top. Enjoy


To install, extract the files to a temporary location. Copy the files to your Skyrim directory/folder. The default folder for Windows 7 is C:/Program Files(x86)/Steam/Steam Apps/common/Skyrim/
Delete your temporary location (NOT your Skyrim Directory)
Last but not least, look at the BAT files. They all start with Good. See which ones you want to use then player Skyrim. Open up the console and type bat "(whatever bat you want" without the quotes and parenthesis. You can only enter in one BAT each command. Save and exit your game then re-load the game so you can earn achievments.

Yes, after 30 minutes of release I have found bugs.
There is a bug where the Adept locks perk doesn't get unlocked. I will look into it. -fixed version 1.01
The invisibility spell doesn't have the right code. -fixed version 1.01
The skeleton key has the wrong code. -fixed version 1.01

1.0 Initial release
1.01 fixes some bugs and adds heavy armor, light armor and one handed weapons

Bethesda Studios for inventing TES
Diem Carpe (me) for making the BAT files
UESP for their nice guide and Item codes. They gave me some spell codes and item codes I didn't bother to remember to look at in the console

Please contact me at or PM me if you need help with this mod or have questions
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