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Last updated at 20:51, 30 May 2015 Uploaded at 14:51, 4 Nov 2012

Version 4.1
* Fixes a map-exploit that would allow you to get an infinite amount of maps...

Version 4.0
* Adds the option to disable the Map requirement to open the map interface.
* You'll be warned if you try to map a key that's already used by a vanilla control.
* Maps moved from Armor to Books. Followers won't equip maps anymore
* Improved the responsivity of the Explore key.
* New feature: you can craft a map folder at a tanning rack. You'll be able to put 6 of your maps in there.
* Changed the "Current hour" message from a box to a notification-type message.
* New system to add maps to vendors.
* A courier should come and give you your first map.
* You now have to directly look at what you want to see, using the Explore button.
* You can use a dagger to make a mark on a tree. A map marker will be placed at this location.

Version 3.1
* Replaced all in-game strings with string properties.
* Added a new configuration option: language. French/English available.
* Fixed potential bugs.

Version 3.0
* Optimized scripts.
* New Configuration Menu - SkyUI 3.0's MCM recommended but not required. No MCM = no configuration menu.
----> Key Config
----> Map price config
----> Camera Config
----> View Distance Config
----> Camera Rotation Config
----> Camera Speed Config
----> Enable/Disable camera transition

* Craftable map if you've discovered at least 50 locations. You will get a notification.
* Map's base price has been lowered to 50 septims (configurable).
* Adjusted map's destruction.
* Removed maps from bandits' leveled lists and added more buyable maps.
----> Scrolls vendors
----> Misc. Items vendors
----> Spell Tomes vendors
* Adds a Line-of-Sight check, you won't be able to see people through walls.
* Adds an auto-generated SEQ file.

Version 2.0
You won\'t lose a map simply by opening the Map menu. It now depends on the weather; if it\'s snowing or raining there\'s a random chance for the map to be unreadable and destroyed.
There\'s a possibility that the player will drop his map if hit by someone, or that\'s destroyed. Yes, paper may get cut by a sword.
Your maps can be damaged by fire spells.
Map\'s cost has been increased from 600 to 750 Septims.
Finding maps should be rarer. You can still buy them or find them on dead bandits and dead Thalmors.

Author: Sagittarius22

Category: Gameplay

Skyrim.esm - Version 1.8 or higher.
Skyrim Script Extender for version 1.8 or higher.

Description: This mod improves the feeling of exploration by adding new features:

Press the middle-button of the mouse and see what's around you. If you look to the sun while pressing the button, you'll see which hour it is. Perfect for roleplaying.

You can now buy or find Skyrim's Maps. If equipped, it will have the same effect as the Clairvoyance spell.
To be able to fast travel, you'll have to have at least one map. You won't be able to open the map menu without it, and each time you open this menu, one map will be removed from your inventory.
Watch the video to see how it works.

Install: put the BSA and the ESP files in your DATA folder and chick this using your favorite Mod Manager.

Credit: thanks to ScarabMonkey for letting me use his Skyrim map meshes!