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Skyrim meets TAKEN in this violent, fully voiced, quest about a beautiful missing girl. Raven Dark has been asking for you in the Drunken Huntsman in Whiterun. His daughter has gone missing and he wants you to find her no matter what, and punish those responsible.

This adventure (finally available on Nexus after 3 months on Steam!) includes full voice acting, with work from the Skyrim Voice Actors Guild. It includes a new dungeon, and a new cast of heroes and evil enemies. You will be fighting against deadly opponents and can make conversation choices that reflect your personality. You will have the opportunity to acquire a new romantic-themed and voiced companion with her own personality.

This mod requires no other mods to play.

If you appreciate the time we spent on this mod, please endorse. Thanks : )


Unzip and drop the 'Data' file into your Skyrim folder.
To uninstall delete the two CrimsonQuest3 files from your Skyrim/Data folder.


Thanks to my voice acting contributors.

Rescue Bronwen cast:

Bronwen: Viridiane
Callisto: April Sadowski
August & Jar\'Jidarr: Sam Hayes
Mendrel: Cameron
Juvenal the Innocent: Dec Tyrrell
Mysterious Stranger: Lynn Gray
Raven Dark: Alex


April Sadowski
Sam Hayes (AchyBreakyBrute):

Acknowledgements to the excellent tutorial videos by Best In Slot:


Thanks to AlChestBreach for your You Tube walkthrough which was very entertaining, funny and from which improvements were made.

Thanks to Skyrim Mods Weekly for featuring Rescue Bronwen.

Thanks to Skyrim Mods Series for appreciating my humour..!

Thanks to all the other modders whose creations also appear in the movie trailer, (of necessity as they have become essential to my own game). Thanks Niteshade for your design work on Callisto and Livia.


Q. Do I need any other mods?
A. No.

Q. Do I need Dawnguard?
A. No.

Q. How do I start?
A. Talk to Raven Dark in The Drunken Huntsman, Whiterun.

Q. Raven Dark won\'t speak with me.
A. Sometimes this happens when new quests are first uploaded. If this happens to you the solution is usually to save the game. Then load up your save.

Q. There are no map markers?
A. No, follow the very simple instructions as to where to go.

Q. Do you watch Xena: Warrior Princess?
A. Yes.