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Levelling pace mod

This is just a variant of some other levelling mods. Credits to their respective
authors (none mentioned, none forgotten). This mod differs in that each esp version
retain the same level 81 cap as vanilla.

To be more precise, they coincide at 89100XP which would be level 82, but reaching
100 in all skills will give you exactly 88085XP, so level 82 is just out of reach.

The level 81 level cap can of course be broken by using a skill uncapper mod.
You will level slower than vanilla up to level 82, and faster above level 82.
The difference is more noticable the more numbers differ from vanilla.

This mod modifies the GMST variables fXPLevelUpBase and fXPLevelUpMult.

Here are the different versions:

esp | Base | Mult

A ..... 75 .... 25
B .... 116 .... 24
C .... 198 .... 22
D .... 280 .... 20
E .... 485 .... 15
F .... 690 .... 10
G .... 895 ..... 5
H ... 1100 ..... 0

Use only one of B to H. A is only included for reference, it's the same as Skyrims default.
Be aware that the higher the base, the longer it takes to level in the beginning. This means
you will be able to powerlevel a few skills while retaining a low level, which can make the
game a lot easier (although the lack of perks counters this somewhat). It's up to you to
select the esp with the best balance for your style of play.


Put the esp file in Skyrim/Data. Open Skyrim Launcher. Click DATA FILES. Make sure all
desired esps and "Load Loose files" box are ticked. PLAY (or EXIT and launch 4GB loader).

Now, if you want to use this with an existing character, load it up and check which level
it currently is. Pause, ALT-tab and open level_comparison.htm. The vanilla levels are in
the first column. Remember which column your selected esp (B,C,D,E,F,G,H) is in, then scroll
down until you find your current vanilla level. Note down the level your character should
really be, and double-ALT-tab back into the game. Open the console and write:

player.setlevel (new level)

Hopefully, that should be enough. Now, depending on how much you like to cheat, you may
like to remove/undo the extra perks and stats you already got from the extra levels.

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