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"Never think of pushing your opponent far away - just taking him off-balance will do."
Lau Kim Hong

That it's been Eorlund Graymane's wont to apply his talents and the unique capabilities of the Skyforge largely to the crafting of weapons speaks well of his Nordic sensibilities. However, the needs of the Companions are varied, and the gifts of the Skyforge can be granted as readily to tools for blocking as those for striking. Warriors who would prefer to pair a fine edge on the one hand with a similarly fine barrier on the other must be accomodated.

Skyforge Shields is a collection of stand-alone, completely new shield assets that can be forged by the player only at the Skyforge (or, in some cases, purchased from Eorlund Graymane) .

  • Both light and heavy shields are available.
  • Upon joining the Companions, both light and heavy Skyforge steel shields may be purchased from Eorlund Graymane. A Wolf Heavy Shield that better fits the color scheme of other Wolf armor pieces is also available. (NOTE: It may take 24-28 hours in-game for Eorlund’s sales inventory to update.)
  • Additionally, all shields ([i]except[/] the Wolf Heavy Shield, which can only be purchased from Eorlund) can be crafted by the player at the Skyforge, but only once full Skyforge crafting privileges have been granted by completion of the Companion quest “Glory of the Dead” (and the player has subsequently spoken with Eorlund).
  • Once obtained, all shields can be upgraded at any workbench.
  • The shields (thus far) can be made from the following materials: Steel (heavy and light), Moonstone (light), Dwemer metal (heavy), Orichalcum (heavy and light), and Ebony (heavy and light)
  • The unique nature of the Skyforge imbues the shields with roughly the resilience of one grade higher material than that from which they were made (or its equivalent). Steel heavy shields are as strong as typical Dwarven heavy shields. Steel light shields are as strong as Elven. Moonstone light shields are as strong as Elven Gilded. Dwemer metal heavy shields are as strong as Orcish. Orichalcum heavy and light shields are as strong as Ebony and Glass, respectively.

I've done my best to test and tweak as much as possible, but in the end I'm a QA department of one. Should others discover additional problems, I'll do what I can to address them as I learn of them. Some general notes:

Compatibility and Conflicts:

  • Neither Dawnguard nor Hearthfire are required.
  • As all pieces are standalone with no dependencies whatsoever on Bethesda content, there should be no conflicts with other mods, with the possible exception of those which change Eorlund Graymane’s sales inventory (this would not, however, interfere with forging).

Want your back to be a shield rack? Check out Dual Sheath Redux and look the optional Skyforge Shields Pack file.


  • I recommend just using the Nexus Mod Manager and automated downloading.
  • But if you prefer manual, simply download the .7z file to you ../skyrim/data folder, and extract all contents there. (Also, make sure it's enabled in your Skyrim launcher.)


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-- Dreogan, November 2012

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