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Added: 02/11/2012 - 01:18AM
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Last updated at 2:29, 7 Jul 2014 Uploaded at 1:18, 2 Nov 2012

This mod is the beginning of the direction I want to go with modding breezehome. It is not the final product that I want to make but more of a framework to see where the direction could be improved. I added many basic things that a lot of people want fixed like lydia's bed properly arranged so she can actually use it. Fixed the navmesh around her bed so she will actually use it too. Got rid of the fire pit and replaced it with a fireplace in the kitchen. Better arranged the living room furniture so there is more room to do something there and get from the front door to the ladder easier. Fixed the ladder so nobody gets stuck at the top. Added a safe in the main bedroom, added better lighting throughout the house and increased radius of main lights. All storage in the house is SAFE no respawn storage that includes the barrels behind the ladder and the sacks under the beds upstairs which by default would respawn after a while.

There is a guest bedroom just outside the main bedroom, I made better use of that empty space just above the front door by expanding the main bedroom over it and put the guest bedroom in front of the main bedroom. The doors to the main bedroom are still there but there are no doors on the guest bedroom, would be annoying to have to open two sets of doors just to get in and out of there.

There are buckets in the upstairs rooms! Now if you don't know what those buckets are for you haven't thought about it enough yet and they don't have anything to do with going on someone head. They are the middle ages version of something that every home has today!

I made this mod because I could not find any breezehome mods that did the things this mod does. Every other mod has a smelter in the basement and a forge and fifty rooms etc. I just wanted something simple that looked slightly better and more practical.

This mod is now compatible with hearthfire DLC just download the hearthfire version from the downloads section.

Install this mod with nexus mod manager or do manual installation.

Copy all stuff from the data folder to your skyrim data folder. Make sure SSBreezeHomeMod.esp is checked in the data files list before running the game.

When loading from a save game you made AFTER getting breezehome, first go clear out your stuff from breezehome BEFORE loading this mod. That means everything in the home that you added in there. Then load the mod and load your save game. If you saved inside the home, go find the housecarl and get them to follow you downstairs, then tell them to go home and quickly go outside. Then go outside if your save was inside the home then open the console and type this: resetinterior whiterunbreezehome and press enter. Then close the console and press the t key and select to wait for one hour. After that go in the home and everything should be where it is supposed to be. Don't take lydia with you when you exit the home just leave her in there she will need to be in there for the reset command to work properly.

UPDATED AGAIN there is a v1.3 file in the downloads section this time I TOTALLY AVOIDED any and all hearthfire scripts did not touch them at all! So what that means is the player has to buy their way around hearthfire DLC just talk to proventus and there are some new options for decorating the home. Buy the guest room and use it for guests but if you want kids in the house you buy the kids room BUT buy the option that says "remove guest room for kids" FIRST before buying the kids stuff. Then after getting the kids stuff don't leave that menu! buy the arrange alchemy lab option and that will put your alchemy lab back AND keep the kids room.

Basically the remove guest room for kids option just disabled the xmarker for the guest room. Buying the arrange alchemy lab option enables the alchemy lab xmarker again. Since the alchemy lab and kids room no longer occupy the same space in the house you can do this stuff thanks to my mod you can have BOTH the lab and the kids:-)

Okay just updated this mod to work with hearthfire DLC. There are some manual things to do for people that don't want to lose alchemy lab and keep kids room. I moved the kids room to that guest room just outside the player bedroom and managed to cram both their beds and a chest in there! The practice dummy is still in the lab downstairs so you don't have to wake up to kids making noise:-)

The guest room furniture has bee reassigned to a new xmarker called decorateother. Here is the prid code: 03007411 just enable that code through console if you want to use the guest room instead of kids room but it is disabled by default. There is no scripting in this mod to enable it because the HF scripting is so buggy I don't even want to mess with it.

To enable the alchemy lab if you lost it to kids room upgrade or it doesn't show up use this prid code:000e4ec8 just enable that code and disable this prid code: 000e4ef9 to get rid of cobwebs that don't go away.

Ok the basement version of this mod is up!

Find any bugs? Post them in the comments section so I can fix them:-)