ENB Noir - A Black and White ENB by Joshua E
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You must download the v0.119 .dll file (wrapper) from the ENB Site

Vanilla Version Coming Soon

This ENB was designed after the video below. After creating that video and discovering ENB's, I was determined to mimic the look in Skyrim. With this high quality config you get a cinematic and artistic experience. It takes advantage of the ENB's SSAO and SSIL, detailed shadows, Depth of field, Sun Rays and Parallax. It also has a light animated grain effect and an interesting vignette effect.

Note: This is a high quality config. Performance options are included in the download.

This ENB is far from perfect. I have never designed one before and I am sure that certain weather types, interior settings, etc will not look correct. Basically, I need help getting this ENB out of BETA. :) If you know of any issues let me know in the comments. If you know how to fix an issue by editing values in the ENB config let me know so I can add those fixes. Thanks for the help.

Known issues as of release:
Some scenes are overexposed or super bright
Skyrim weather 'D4886' with Climates of Tamriel causes very ugly fog issues on distant mountains
Red screen blood is not effected by black and white effect. It makes for some cool screenshots.

+ Subtle Lens Flares
+ Cinematic Letterbox
+ Dramatic Vignetting
+ Very High Quality Sprite Based Depth of Field (created by IndigoNeko, SkyRealism - ENB Evolved )
+ Subtle Animated Film Grain
+ Ultra SMAA

Important (especially if you have never used an ENB):

1. Open your SkyrimPrefs.ini file, located under your MyDocuments/MyGames/Skyrim folder, and change this value:


If it is set to 0 the ENB won't work.

2. Go to the ENB Forum and download the v0.119 .dll file and save it somewhere on your computer.
3. Download ENB Noir and open, pick your presets, copy ALL the chosen files to your C:\Program files\Steam\Steamapps\common\skyrim folder (DON'T MISTAKE THIS FOR YOUR DATA FOLDER, MAKE SURE IT HAS THE TESV.EXE FILE);
4. Next, find and copy the v0.119 .dll that you previously download to the same folder;
5. Everything should be in working order. Go take some Skyrim Screenshots!

Recommended Modules for Climates of Tamriel:

ENB Noir was designed around these .esp files provided by Climates of Tamriel. If you use any modules that differ from these you may get undesired results.

+ ClimatesOfTamriel-VanillaNights-Lvl-4.esp

+ ClimatesOfTamriel-Interiors-Warm.esp

+ I did not use any of the dungeon .esp's. The Hazardous dungeons made them way to dark, Hardcore will probably make dungeons pitch black.

Other Recommended Settings:

If you use Crimson Tide or Enhanced Blood Textures (Recommended), also download the optional file for darker blood. Blood is already bright enough with my ENB (looking for a fix).

If you use Visible Windows, also download the Reduced Night Glow version. The window brightness was designed in my ENB with that optional file. This is also generally recommended by most ENB's.

If you use Skyrim Flora Overhaul, download the Optional Darker Green Grass file. In general it not only looks better but also solves issues with the grass being to bright with certain ENB's.

Considered Must Have (Graphical):
STEP - Skyrim Total Enhancement Project
Texture Pack Combiner

Others (Will be added to):
WATER - Water And Terrain Enhancement Redux
Static Mesh Improvement Mod - SMIM
Lanterns Of Skyrim - All In One
Better Dynamic Snow
Enhanced Distant Terrain
Face Light
Lush Grass
Lush Trees
skyBirds - Airborne Perching Birds
Birds of Skyrim
Skyrim Flora Overhaul
Trees HD Skyrim Variation
Visible Windows (Reduced Night Glow version is required by ENB Noir)
Enhanced Blood Textures

SkyRealism - ENB Evolved by IndigoNeko (the ENB that started it all for me. He did a brilliant job of re-coding and providing something great for screenarchery i.e. his Sprite DOF. Go to his page for a brilliant easy to read guide on making ENB's)
The Wilds by Lunanella or LSiwora
Project MATSO by Matso
Phinix Natural by Phinix
Rezerect Skyrim by Steamin661

Bethesda, thanks for making one of the best games ever.

Boris Vorontsov, fantastic job at cracking Skyrim and making some of the best graphical enhancements. Thank you.

IndigoNeko, thank you so much for the awesome new code. You, in my opinion have created some great new options for people like me who are into video game photography. Also, thanks for your fantastic guide on the ENB series.

onebattleman, thanks for being a good friend and helping with the mod pages design. Couldn't have done it without you.

LSiwora/Lunanella, thanks for offering your help with testing, taking screenshots and supplying me with your effect.txt file. I really appreciate your help and encouragement.

Candy-Ray, you made a fantastic tilt shift lens effect. You are brilliant.