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My next MOD is now on available! Lovely Jessica - Standalone -
The Standalone version of this MOD is available! Angelina Jolie - Standalone Follower by Foaman.

@Guys who requesting somebody or suggesting something.
Requests from you guys have been properly recorded in the notes. :D
And I promise choosing next model from it. ;)
Jessica was actually the case.
But I'm not going to answer each of those posts or PMs, sorry. x(

From Ver1.5, mouth half-open version is obsolete.
Settings on my fancy arbitrary, she was elite guardsman.
She was only person who had been allowed to possession of a sword of her own choosing.
She was proud to be a guard, so she still wearing guards outfit but there is no obligation...
Details omitted for more fun. :D

This MOD changes Lydia's appearance and AI-packages.
She is stronger than the Vanilla-default, but still not Immortal.
She will like to go out to the outdoor even when she doesn't following you.
*Only if you are not married with her.

In order to reliably meet to her,
- go to the barracks roof at near the main gate between 1 am and 7.
- If you already purchased Breezhome, she might have slept(*1) in Breezhome until noon.
*1) In Vanilla-default, Breezehome guests bed is not available.
I have prepared a optional file [Breezhome_bed_fix.rar] for fix that issue.
If she is insomnia, try it.

All Meshes and Textures are standalone. So she will probably look the same as the SS.
Her body shape is based on UNP. (I have changed it a little.)
She is wearing underwear, so she will not be naked also take off the armours.
If you want to see her underwear-style, you need use any follower MOD or console.
I recommend fLokii's Ultimate Follower Overhaul.
UFO - Ultimate Follower Overhaul

There are no plans to release nudity version. And do not request those, please.

This MOD is not depend on any other MODs.
- May interfere with the MOD to make changes to Lydia.
- Don't changes her weight. If you did, gap occurs in the neck.
(Because I directly modified HeadMesh.)
- From Ver1.5, mouth half-open version is obsolete.
I recommend NMM-install/unistall.
If manually:
- extract RAR file [AngeLydia.rar]
- Overwrites the [AngeLydia\Data] to [Skyrim\Data] .
- Click on the 'Data Files' of Skyrim Launcher and enable [HousecarlWhiterun.esp].
Before uninstall, you should remove her from your followers in game.
If manually:
- Disable ESP with Skyrim Launcher.
- Delete the folders and files below.
Thanks to Bethesda for creating Skyrim.
Thanks to dimon99 for DIMONIZED UNP female body.
Thanks to Caliente for Calientes Female Body Mod Big Bottom Edition -CBBE-
About permission
Please feel free to use data(except the body-mesh and body-texture) that is included in my MOD.
My permission is not necessary. No matter who.

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I hope your Skyrim-life will be more fun! :D