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** Interactive Skyrim Map **
** v0.3 **


This is a standalone interactive map of skyrim.

During my travels in the skyrim realm, you sometimes need a sertain vendor, trainer,
or maybe you want plan a trading route. This project is about making the finding of
locations for your every need as easy as possible.

the next on my to-do list will be bug fixing, optimisation & export & combine for locations

-Features (v0.3)-

- click on locations to see their name and data (most data not present yet)
- edit location data (saved on exit)
- filter locations
- highlight on functionality
- zoom, pan
- search for locations
- added exploration
- use the add button in search to add to your explored locations
- turn on/off in help menu


- Adobe AIR (



- show selected location (green)
- location editing (saves on exit application)
- added search
- added exploration
- changed alot in code & system

[For older versions see file details]

-To be Added:-

-Make map look better
-User friendly Interface
-export & import location details

-Filter on hold/region
-Search Location
- zoom to location
-add option menu (add customisation to exploration, profiles/paths, change background?)

-add custom property functionality to locations (you can add anything you want)
-add pathfinding and/or planner

-zoom in on the larger locations (maybe minimap images)
-add mobile support (if possible & realistic)

-Known issues:-

- hovering over locations makes them go wild (some mouse detection thing)
- names (some names are displayed as instance x x)


1.) get Adobe AIR from:

2.) Extract.
3.) Install using installer
4.) Start application


gamebanshee for the map I based my version on

GreenSock for the Tween Library

Elyon for the icons