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Last updated at 6:17, 10 Dec 2012 Uploaded at 1:54, 27 Oct 2012

I'm working on making them all standalone so you wont need the required mods. Keep an eye out if your interested, they should all be up soon. The feet mesh are currently missing for all of the male standalones, its only noticable if armor is taken off. Update will be out soon.

-Added Daenerys- She can be found at the inn in Riverwood.
-Spellsword with fire spells in left hand
-Uses Unp body mesh by dimon99

-Updated Olivia Wilde- If you are updating from old version clear her inventory, dismiss her, save, then overwrite with new version and pick her back up.
-Added Russell Crowe Standalone- Named Maximus, found in The Drunken Huntsmen
-Added Spartacus Standalone
-Added Khal Drogo Standalone

10/28 Added Thor Standalone - 2 Versions
- Normal- Normal Follower (See Details)
- Heart of Thunder- Equipped with Thor's armor and hammer, requires Heart of Thunder by OminousVoice
Install instructions (in this order)
1. Go to Heart of Thunder - Lore Friendly Thor Armour and Hammer and install Heart of Thunder 1_6
2. Download and Install my Mod (Heart of Thunder version)
3. Deactivate or Delete HeartofThunder.esp and activate HeartofThunder.esm
4. Have Fun! (Make sure both HeartofThunder.esm and FamousFollowersThor.esp are active)
-Check the mods page for compatibility info

10/27 Added Olivia Wilde Standalone
-no other mods required (wont mess with your current texture mods)
-uses cbbe curvy body
-found in the Bannered Mare in Whiterun

This mod turns some of the save game characters I made awhile back into followers. Right now its pretty basic, but I plan on updating and releasing new followers eventually.

The followers as of now are Spartacus, Thor, Olivia Wilde, Khal Drogo, and introducing (WIP)Kate Beckinsale
You can find all of them in Whiterun, the guys are in The Drunken Huntsmen and the girls are in The Bannered Mare.

Required Mods: (unless using a standalone)
1. ApachiiSkyHair (game wont launch without it)
2.High Res Face Maps for Men by Geonox
3. Better Females by Bella: No makeup just improved textures
4. 2 - Ultra Smooth Females Deluxe V4 Only really need the imperial woman normal map from this one

Details: I tried to give each follower a different voice to avoid confusion and each has a different combat style. All the followers are set to essential and auto level with you.
Spartacus- Standard sword and shield
Thor- Spellsword, uses one hand weapon and casts lightning spells with left hand
Olivia- Ranger
Kate- Assassin, Dual wields daggers
Khal Drogo- Berserker, Dual wields scimitars

If you have any suggestions leave a comment!

Thanks and Credits:
Apachii- ApachiiSkyHair
LogRaam- The Eyes Of Beauty
Caliente- Cbbe
BellaGale- Better Females
Natilde- Tutorial- Creating Standalone NPCs
OminousVoice- Heart of Thunder
tktk/RAN46/Expired6978- Enhanced Character Edit
Chris57- Better Males
Xenius- XCE Brows
dimon99- Dimonized UNP female body

To install: Use manager or merge Data folder with the Data folder in your skyrim directory.
To uninstall: Delete the following