BETTER THAN REAL - DoF ak tilt-shift for any ENB - by Candy-Ray
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Added: 27/10/2012 - 12:26AM
Updated: 02/04/2014 - 06:59PM

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(Ignore my lousy English, please. My german and russian are much better.)

It's hard to describe how this "effect-mod" feels ingame. This is a try to take the perspective to a new level of realism... Or at least pure fascination... The combination of bluriness and sharp focus creates an imagination of a fake 3-D, like a miniature model. But this time you're amid.


See a professional made video by Saiodin:

I tried a long, long time to create such a DoF effect - but never reached the final goal. Till Matso created his ENB. His effectprepass give me the utility to create my favourite blur and depth of field. Nevertheless I suspect this file works also with other ENB's. I tried it with goddess, matso and jasmin.

One thing I can promise, if you give this effect a chance: You will see your skyrim like you never seen it before.

The Main-Version is a hard-core version how I like it. Strenght bluriness in front and in the distance. BUT ONLY TO USE IN FIRST PERSON!
The optionals ar WIP's. The effect is reduced either for the near or for the far distance. You must see, if it worked for you better. And atm I cannot test it in 3rd person view.

(It seems very balanced. I didnot tested it yet, but perhaps you will.)

I will optimize the tilt-shift for the 3rd person perspective as soon as I am again at home in a couple of days.

Use only one file!

A working ENB
The FPS-drop can be compared with your regulare fps-drop when you are using your enb-settings.

1. Download the file to your desktop.
2. Backup your "original" effectprepass (in case you will return back)
3. Put the new "effectprepass" in your Skyrim-folder (where you should find your "enbseries")
4. If it is necessary, then overwrite


That's all.

If you like the effect, please endorse. Not for my ego or motivation - that's not necessary. But to arouse interest in the other gamer, so they would try this "mod", too.

Oh, and please: Upload your pictures, if you like.

My screenshots:
- I use my own ENB-settings with maxed sharpness. (You can use ENB-Customizer v2 and max out "sharping")
- Imaginator (contrast+20)
- W.A.T.E.R.
- Climates of Tamriel
- Lush trees
- Lush grass

Big thanks to Matso for his glorious ENB and DoF work. Without it I would not be able to create my DoF-version.

Also thanks to Bethesda for being there :)
Aaaand big, big, big thanks to the old, good Boris for the ENB-Works!