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It's a lvl14 save, so all it's good for is face import.
If you like her looks, be my guest and use it as your template.

She's a nice girl, like's big swords, and fancy hats.
She's Nord, so she can get away wearing Forsworn Headdress in the middle of a blizzard...

If you use that save, remember to treat her nicely.
Pretty please!

This is a request by Wicknap

All of you fellow players who for whatever reason use unmodded
skyrim.ini file will crash to desktop each time you try to load this save.

There is a workaround to it, and it's explained below:

Open your skyrim.ini file (located in your "..\Documents\My Games\Skyrim" folder)
and add those two lines to [general] section at the top of the file:

uExterior Cell Buffer=64

uGridsToLoad determines how far away from the player world is drawn in full detail.
uExterior Cell Buffer is just that, a buffer filled with preloaded cells, it's value should
always be: (uGridsToLoad+1)squared.
i.e. (7+1)*8

Save skyrim.ini file

"But I want my uGridsToLoad away from my ini file. I wan't it unmodded!
And my game now crashes all the time after I deleted it!"
No worries!
Here's what to do:

-Put that "uGridsToLoad" back at 7,

-Run your game in windowed mode
(you can set that in start up options, it's better to alt-tab that way),

-Now while game is running change
your "uGridsToLoad" to 5 in skyrim.ini
(this is the default value used with vanilla skyrim.ini)

-Save "skyrim.ini" file

-Get back to game

-Open console (hit that key above "TAB")

-Type "refini" game will confirm command

-Close console.
-Save your game

There you go!
Back to normal.
Works exactly the same way as in Oblivion, Fallout 3, Fallout NV...
And they said it's a kick-ass new "Creation" engine...
Good old GameBryo on steroids if you ask me :D