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Last updated at 22:44, 24 Oct 2012 Uploaded at 17:00, 24 Oct 2012

Retexture of all the new monsters and animals that needed it from Dawnguard Dlc:
Some of them were not changed drastically. Only applied some filters to them to look decent. Some had more drastic color change. Look, judge (please don't judge me! :P ) and decide if you like this better than vanilla dawnguard.


1. Chaurus hunters
More darker and wasp like texture.

2. Frost Giant
As the name suggest they should be frosty. Plus new eye texture.

3. Frozen falmer
Frosty and bloody.

4. Female Falmer
Whiter skin to match up with retexture done by spiffyjim. And I reccomend his Snow Falmer retexture.

5. Falmer Warmonger armor
Darker and to match up with Chaurus hunter skin

6. Death Hounds
More defined skin color.

7. Vale Animals
More defined skin color.

8. Revered dragon
Better colors and changed eye to less ridiculous one with a snake look.

9. Legendary Dragon
Better colors and changed eyes with a dragonfly eye texture.

10. Durnehviir.
A bit better. But not much of a diffrence. His texture is so convoluted that I spent half an hour to find where is the eye. And the other half to find out where is the slime texture he is using.

11. Armored trolls.
Defined skin, armor and more rust to it.

12. Gargoyles
More defined.

Simply remove folders:

If you do not like some of the textures :
Go to the up mentioned folders and delete the specified folder