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Added: 24/10/2012 - 01:55AM
Updated: 05/12/2012 - 05:23PM

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Last updated at 17:23, 5 Dec 2012 Uploaded at 1:55, 24 Oct 2012

This mod simply changes the weight of some items, making them weightless or have lower weights. I liked the mods Weightless Ingredients, Weightless Soulgems, and Lightweight Potions and Poisons, but I thought why not have them all in one mod? This is just my personal preference as I wished to have one single .esp I could work with instead of 3 or more, but I figured I might as well offer it to others who may want the same. The purpose for reduced weight or weightless on items like linen, paper, or soul gem fragments are for people that have mods like craftable soul gems or more craftables that make use of these items. Overall this mod changes the weights of items in the game so they aren't such a pain to carry around and are more frustrating to keep. For example dragon bones and scales, killing a dragon and looting it can take up 50 or more of your inventory. Also, things like potions and ingredients can fill up your inventory fast so they have been made weightless or near weightless for convenience. I don't want to make everything weightless as I'd like to keep some sense of realism.

-Items Changed-
All Ingredients, torches, and Soul Gems/Fragments are now weightless
All potions/poisons weigh 0.1
Pickaxe and Woodcutter axe weigh 5 from vanilla's 10
Roll of Paper weighs 0.1 down from 1
Charcoal weighs 0.1 down from 0.5
Scrolls weigh 0.1 down from 0.5(Elder Scrolls now 10 down from 20)
Firewood down to 1 from 5
Certain foods have lower weights
Bonehawk materials now weigh .1
Dragon bones are now 10 down from 15, and scales are now 5 down from 10
Hearthfire building materials now weigh 0
Solid and Large dwarven metal items(used to make dwarven ingots) are half their vanilla weights
Bloodstone chalice now weighs 5 and 6 when filled, down from 10 and 11 filled.

Use NMM or manual. For manual just drop the .esp file in your Data folder.

1.5 Removed quest items and made Bloodstone Chalice half weight
1.4 Fixed duplicate ids(hopefully)
1.3 Halved the weights of the Dwarven items used to make Dwarven ingots
1.2 Modified weights for food, firewood, dragon bone and scales as well as Dawnguard bonehawk items and Hearthfire building materials.
1.1 Modified weights for scrolls, soul gem fragments, linen, roll of paper, and torches
1.0 Initial release