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Update: Any updates will be on my second mods page - Dawnguard monster retex pack :

Firstly. I hated the original Chaurus. Not because I hated how they look, or their design. I hated them because they creep me out . Secondly, I love animals in general, and how they can actually look more alien to us - mammals. So to sum up. I have this love-hate relationship for insects. When I heard that in Dawnguard there are flying chaurus. I thought to myself "Holy crap, the worst things imaginable for me are there combined. Flying bugs + creppy earwig like creatures combined. When I saw them ingame, I was very dissapointed how they look. The original feeling was gone and I basically fought plastic toys. Well I had enough of this, and made this retexture. It is nothing fancy, really basic work with textures, but for me they look much better now. I plan to do real HD-texture work for them. Real insect eyes and chitin feeling. But for now you can (or no?) use this.