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ALS ELWEYR RIFT (Requires Dawnguard DLC)

Teleport to and from a one stop shop for selling loot and crafting items from anywhere!


Updated 4/8/2013!

This mod allows you to teleports to the Elsweyr Rift, and then teleport you to the exact location you were before once you're ready. If you use SKSE, then you can activate the teleport by pressing the Num3 key on your keyboard. (The same button will teleport you to the Elsweyr Rift when you're not there, and then teleport you back if you're there.)

If you don't use SKSE, never fear! The mod also automatically adds the lesser power "Follow the Moon" to your Magic Menu. It can be found either under the "All" filter or the "Powers" filter. It is equipped and used just like a shout ('Z' key by default).

The Elsweyr Rift has the following features:

1. The Elsweyr Purchasing Broker has 25,000 gold and will buy (and sell) anything - including stolen items!
2. The Jungle Smith has 25,000 gold and will buy/sell blacksmith items.
3. The Wandering Wizard has 25,000 gold and will buy/sell wizard items.
4. The Wise Woman of the Witchly Wilds has 25,000 gold and will buy/sell alchemist items.

1. Allforge -> combines Skyforge with Galmar's Forge (so you can craft crossbows and bolts)
2. Grindstone
3. Workbench
4. Smelter
5. Tanning Rack
6. Arcane Enchanter
7. Alchemy Lab
8. Atronach Forge
9. Staff Enchanter (only in the optional version that requires the Dragonborn DLC)

STORAGE (All Player Owned, non-respawning)
1. Personal Vault for you to dump any kind of stuff you like.
2. Crafting Supplies, intended for you to store any kind of crafting material you come across.
3. Quest Items Repository. So you're gathering fire salts for Balimund, and only have 4? Stop cluttering your inventory with them and store them here for now. ;)
4. Documentation. Are you a hoarder like me? Stick all those unique notes and journals in here.
5. Trophy Case. The Blade of Hjaalmarch, ugh, utterly useless. But it's a unique item, a trophy I won, so by Akatosh I'm gonna keep it someplace.
6. Handcrafted Relics. I don't know about you, but I like hanging on to every item I've enchanted for myself, even when it becomes obsolete.

I didn't want a boring old place for all this convenient stuff. If I'm gonna be coming here a lot (and I am), I want it to look at least a bit pretty. See what you think of what I came up with. :) Please note, the addition of flora and butterflies (not pictured) was due to Dzeuss' suggestion, which I wound up rather liking.



Q: Help! I didn't get the "Follow the Moon" power.

A: First, make sure you've looked for in the right place. In your Magic Menu, search under both the 'All' and 'Powers' filters. Also, make sure you have the mod installed and the .esp enabled. If it still doesn't work, then open your command console by pressing the tilde key ( ~ ), typically at the far left of the numbers row near the top of the keyboard, and type in this:

help "follow the moon"

and press Enter. The spell Follow the Moon should come up with a string of letters and numbers. Now type in

player.addspell [string of letters and numbers here]

and press Enter again. The spell should now be added to you. Press tilde ( ~ ) again to exit the console. Please note, if you use SKSE, then you do NOT need the power. Simply press the Num3 key on your keyboard.

Q: This is a cheat!

A: Maybe. I look it as a convenience, however, rather than a true cheat. It's more than possible to stop midway through a tomb once your weight limit is reached, then lug the loot back to civilization to sell it before returning, but that's also extremely tedious. This cuts out the long trek with a convenient teleport. Same thing with hopping back and forth to crafting stations.

Q: That's some weird choices for types of things to store in those chests.

A: You don't have to use them for the type of items I intend. I made this mod specifically for myself and what I was looking for, and simply decided to share it with the community.

Q: I want some more storage, for this and that and the other...[/i]

This is not a player home or a warehouse. Just a convenient stopover for ya.

Q: There's a bug!

A: Please describe it for me, so I can fix it!

Q: Dude, what are Khajiit doing in Snow Elf style architecture?

A: Dude, who cares? Rule of Cool trumps everything.

Q: Dude, this is an awesome mod!

A: Thanks! Leave a comment telling me so! I love to hear them. :)



Al's Completionist Series:
1. Al's TREASURE VAULT -- Now you have a place to store all your gold and have it display as treasure!
2. Als Paragon Reward Chest -- little mod rewarding the completionist player who collects all 5 Paragons
3. Als Konahrik -- little mod rewarding the completionist player who collects all vanilla dragon priest masks with a previously missing boss fight
4. Als Treasure Map Reward -- little mod rewarding the completionist player who collects all 11 Treasure Maps in vanilla Skyrim
5. Als Vault of the Old Slayer -- Requires All 10 Dragon Claws -- modestly sized dungeon rewarding the completionist player who collects all Dragon Claws in vanilla Skyrim with fantastic amounts of treasure

Al's Powers and Abilities:
1. Al's Thunder Smite -- Insta-Kill Enemies, and ONLY Enemies
2. Al's Eclipse Bloodcurse -- Tired of shooting arrows at the sun? Now you can get a true eclipse (including removed sun damage) as a power
3. Als Shadow Walk - Automatic Invisibility While Sneaking
4. Als Shout Like a Dragon - Dragonlike Cooldowns -- Now you can shout as often as dragons can!

Al's Conveniences:
1. Al's Elsweyr Rift -- Teleport to and from a one stop shop for selling loot and crafting items from anywhere!
2. Al's "Nothing Sells for Zero Gold" Tweak -- I bet you're tired of picking up loot that sells for nothing. So am I
3. Als Thuum of the Magesmith -- Keep the benefits of your enchanted and smithed items even when you switch outfits for a different look!
4. Al's -Get 80 Perk Points and All Skills 100- Cheat Ring

Al's Dungeons:
1. Al's Dead Dragon Giant Camp -- Just as dragon lairs and giant camps are quick and easy (relatively) stops for a rich haul, so is this!
2. Als Vault of the Old Slayer -- Requires All 10 Dragon Claws
3. Als Revakzoor - Lair of Mythic Dragons - Unfairly Difficult Mod -- A lair laden with treasure, and guarded by six lethal dragons.

Al's Three Stone Watch -- Lore friendly, non-cheaty, humble starter home

Al's Starry Armor and Clothing Retextures

Al's Virility - Nude Male - PC Only (Adult Content; NSFW)


--Bethesda for a great game, a great Creation Kit, and very well done tutorials
--Angelwraith for teaching me several of the basic principles of scripting in Fallout: New Vegas, which got me a leg up on Papyrus
--WillieSea for releasing Levelers Tower v29 as a modders resource and including his Magic Door scripts in the download, which helped me figure out how to do the mark/recall effect


You may use any part of this mod in a mod of your own, as long as you fulfill all of the following conditions:

1. You must credit me.
2. You must notify me via PM.
3. You must put a link to my original mod, here, on your info page, and in your readme.
4. Your mod must NOT be a reupload or exact copy of mine.
5. I retain veto power (but I doubt I would ever use it). ^-^