Automatic Variants Package -- Werewolf Eyes and Skins by BlitzKriegB0B
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Last updated at 17:32, 12 May 2013 Uploaded at 20:41, 18 Oct 2012

Hello everybody!

Note that you need AV to be able to use this mod!

If you didn't know already:
AV stands for Automatic Variants; A mod made by Leviathan1753.
In short; this mod uses several models and textures, like the ones in this mod, combines them and then even allows the resulting variations to appear in the game simultaneously.

More info and a download link here: Automatic Variants

Also I would like to point out again that these textures were made by:

-> Aikospacerogue -- werewolf skins
-> dianacat777 -- Werewolf Eye Pack

All I did was add them into an Automatic Variants package and post it here.

*All credit for the creation of these textures goes to them.
*Visit their page if you want to see screenshots of these textures in-game.
Or just try them out; I personally think that the screenshots don't do them enough honor.

What's in this AV Package:

All the Werewolf eye and skin textures made by the authors listed above:

- 2x Eye Reflection
- 21x Eye Colours
- 6x Skin Colours

Total: After AV works it's magic this adds up to 252 different werewolf variations.

Note: These variations will only appear on werewolves you encounter in the wild and NOT on your own character.
Therefor; to best enjoy this mod, I would advise to install one of the many mods (which can be found right here on the nexus) that add werewolves to the wilds of skyrim. Fun!

Another Note: These variations include some stuff like pink werewolves that some of you might find unrealistic or maybe you just downright don't like them. If so then remember to disable these textures in AV by rightclicking on the ones that you dislike and selecting "disable" (doh!)


Step 1
Make sure you already have AV installed.

Step 2
Select "Download with Manager" then activate the mod.
[Don't have the Nexus Mod Manager -- NMM? Skip to step 4]

Step 3
Start AV and close it again. AV will now generate a patched .esp file.
Place this .esp file at the bottom of your load order and enjoy your new textures! :D

Step 4
Download the Nexus Mod Manager and continue from step 2.
Download: Nexus Mod Manager

Other Stuff:

I tested this mod with AV myself and even while this is the first time I did anything like this, it seems to be working perfectly. ^^
If despite that it works for me, it somehow doesn't work for you; post a comment and if it is because of something I screwed up, I will try to fix it.

Finally let's give another round of applause for the creators of these textures:
- Akiospacerogue
- dianacat777

The creator of Automatic Variants:
- Leviathan1753

And all the other modders who created and packaged textures for AV.
- Check out AV's mainpage for a short list of these people, who uploaded loads more of awesome AV packages like this one. :D