The Amazons - Daughters of Skyrim by Nephae
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When i was a little girl on tv i saw an amazing warrior woman .... Xena! She was an Amazon and i loved her combat style. So when i started to play Skyrim, i found many powerful girls so i decided to become them in Amazons :). I changed something such us her face shape (a made them pretty but dangerous) and gave them more powerful. Follow description for each characters. PS: they're a followers in skyrim wolrd not mine!
Thanks to Beyond for Idea xD

How to install:

-Manually: put on main skyrim data file the 2 items rar.
-NMM: open NMM program and add files rar and then active.
I modified also their faces shape. They arent uglies in vanilla style but i took them an "Amazon Look"

Mjoll The Lioness: Mjoll is very strong. I modified her about powers. So she can be a real Amazon!
She's still a follower (not mine). She now can resist all poisons and can shout like dragonborn. She can call animals to help her to combat ;)
Location ---> Riften - Market place - complete her quest to become an your follower!

Uthgerd Brave Heart: driven by Companions, she's now a lone wolf. She's very powerful with her werewolf power! Location ---> Whiterun - The Bannered Mare tavern (fight with her to allow her to followe you)


Lydia Houscarl of Whiterun: She's a nord female and an unexpected werewolf. She fights like a werewolf warrior! Location ---> Whiterun - Jarl home (after first main quest)