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Home inspired by a request on the nexus forums.

Hidden beneath a tree stump, off the beaten path, rests a small player home with basic amenities. Lush, green, and cozy - tiny tree home should offer a safe haven for world-weary Dovahkiin. Perhaps better suited for lower level Dovahkiin or those who just don't feel like a honking big mansion, it will cater to your basic needs. Perfect for nature-oriented Dovahkiin!

The home comes in two flavors, regular and bare bones. The only difference is that regular has crafting stations (alchemy, enchanting, armor + weapon) and the bare bones doesn't but has an extra bed. Use one file or the other, not both. Both versions have a cooking pot, because a dovahkiin has to eat.

In case the map screenshot isn't clear, you'll find it between Whiterun and Riverwood near the water, a hidden doorway next to a tree stump. Or if you're impatient open the console and "coc tinytreehome".

Made with 100% vanilla skyrim, so should run whether or not you have any addons like Dawnguard and Hearthfire. Navmesh for follower compatibility (but not tested - didn't have a savegame onhand) and item-safe (noresetzone) so you can store your precious stuff without fear of losing it.

Also my first attempt at creating a player home and the first time I've bothered to upload one of my files to the nexus so be gentle, aye?

This was the first in my series of tiny homes. Also available: Tiny Alchemist hut, a shack with a stunning viewing deck for alchemists and starting warriors near Riften and Tiny Mage Tower, a proper wizard's tower near solitude for starting mages, alchemists, and book lovers.

w00t featured on brodual who've made a better-looking video than I ever could. Thanks guys!

Interior 1:

Interior 2:

Well-hidden entrance:

Map location:

I hope you like it.

First of a series, the second - a tiny alchemist's hut - may be found here.