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CS Tag & Track NPC


I think of this as more of a utility feature. There were so many moments when my followers would vanish or not be where they were supposed to be. Trekking in the woods, you see a traveling merchant only to want to find them again later but can't. Maybe that horse of yours took off during the fight and is nowhere to be found.
That's why I made this mod. This will allow the player to tag an NPC so that they can be tracked with objective markers. Up to a total of 20 npc's including horses can be tracked.

Featured in:
*Note* These are old versions being showcased in the videos, but the concept is the same.

Skyrim Mod Spotlight by Brodual

Skyrim Mod of the Day by LiveStyleGaming

Due to the amount of scripting involved and keeping things neat, previous versions 0.95 or earlier, will not be supported.
Moving forward, the mod will require these extra mods (SkyUI - for the MCM Menu, and SKSE). The menu system is now fully driven by
the MCM menu.

1.) Skyrim version 1.9 or later
2.) SKSE 1.6 or later
3.) SkyUI

It's advised if updating from 0.95 to 0.98 to use a New Game.
I tested it Mid-game and it updated okay, but no guarantees it will work as expected on your setup.

- Use NMM to Download and install/update overwrite.
- Play the game

*Note* The readme file for this mod is located under your 'Data/readmes/' subfolder. It's identical to this page.

Use NMM: Uninstall

Starting The Quest
Use the "CS Tag & Track NPC's" Lesser Power on any npc, so long as you or the npc are not in combat. Use it again on that same NPC and they will be immediately removed. Your objectives will display the NPC's being tracked.

There's a maximum of 20 tracking slots.

Use the MCM menu to check status, summon them, teleport to them, track a single npc, check the help guides.

Compatibility & Issues
-The horse's name will appear as "Horse" in the tracking list regardless of its actual name.
-Currently does not work on 'true' ghosts. Those who's forms can't be hit by anything. Eg.. if you're able to shoot an arrow through an NPC and it doesn't hit them, then you will also be unable to tag & track them.
-Compatible with any and all mods, which include companion and horse mods like convenient horses.
-When tagging more than 16 npc's, only the first 16 will have quest markers Above their heads. This is a Skyrim limitation and not this mod. When searching npc's on the map though, all 20 will show to have quest markers.

**WARNING** SUMMON NPC's AT YOUR OWN RISK! - Although you are able to pick which NPCs get teleported, the summoned npc's could potentially break the game as any npc that's tagged could be transported to the player. This includes npc's that should be in a specific spot in the game. If an NPC isn't flagged as being essential they could end up getting killed in the wilderness when they walk back to where they are supposed to be. I use it for followers who get stuck or aren't where they are supposed to be.

Change Log
v. 0.98
-(changed) Removed messagebox config menu spell and summon spell. Config, Summon, Remove NPC's now done fully through the MCM Menu.
-(Bug Fix) If tagging an un-named NPC, sometimes the name would appear blank in the menu(Due to other mods not giving them any name). Now they read 'NPC 1' through 'NPC 20'
-(Bug Fix) If glow option is ON. NPC's sometimes would lose the effect if traveling through load-doors. This should now work as intented and keep the glow effect on.
-(added) Toggle Option to have tagged NPC's that die, display a message box letting the player know.
-(added) Toggle Option of showing Essential, Invulnerable, or Dead in the MCM menu near the NPC's Name.
-(added) Travel to NPC. Now the player can choose to teleport to the NPC via MCM Menu.
-(changed) Slightly organized the MCM menu a bit and added some minor guide information.
-(changed) 'CS Tag & Track NPC' spell changed to 'Tag & Track NPC'.

V. 0.95
-(Added) MCM support menu

v. 0.9
-(changed) Removed dialogue dependency and switched to using a lesser power. One keystroke now removes and adds npcs to the list.
-(added) 10 extra slots for a total of 20.
-(changed) Streamlined the scripts, uniformed some naming of menus/spells.
-(added) "Config Menu" Lesser Power.
-(added) Tracked NPC's 'glow' slightly which may be toggled in the config menu.(off by default)
-(changed) Incompatible with previous versions of this mod.

v. 0.3.1
-(bug fix) Dialogue bug to save-reload-save again has been fixed. (Only applies to a game that never had this mod installed.)
-(changed) Repackaged using a BSA file. Keeps the files organized.

v. 0.3
-(added)A new spell "Tracking Summon Menu" to allow tracked NPC's to be summoned to the player. The player is able to choose which NPCs.

v. 0.2.2
-(bug fix) Some objectives will show as [ [] ] after using the Track One Mode, then clicking Tag & Track All button. This has been fixed.
- previous fixes and changes included in this version. v.0.2.1 hotfix not needed.

v. 0.2.1
-(bug fix) When all slots filled, sneaking and activating would show cancel on all. It now only works with horses to prevent accidental stealing as intended

v. 0.2
- (added) Included horses in the main esp. (removed optional esp)
- (added) Included ability to Track one NPC from the Tagged List of NPC's
- (changed) Uniformed the Menu Texts.
- (changed) Renamed Lesser Power from "Forget Someone" to "Tracking Menu"
- (bug fixed) The 10th slot would tag a person but not show an objective. This has been fixed.

v. 0.1.1
- (added) Optional Horse Add-on

v. 0.1
- Initial Release.

Bethesda - Thank you for this wonderful game and mod tool.
Forum Modders who helped tweak and flesh out the scripting.
Commenters for their support and ideas.


This software is provided 'as-is'. In no event shall the authors be held liable for any damages
arising from the use of this software.